iSoftBet Casinos & Software Guide for Canadian players 2020

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CasinoNow tests many different forms of online casino games to ensure that the players receive the best online experience they can. It is important for us to test the casino games provided by iSoftBet due to their rise in popularity and their increasing popularity with the Canadian population. While reading this guide the player will get general information on online casinos, specifically targeting those provided in iSoftBet casinos, as well as which casino games are most popular and what makes them unique and exciting. The types of casino games that are covered by and provided with iSoftBet are roulette and blackjack however, they specialise in slots.

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iSoftBet Casino Games: Play free or real money

iSoftBet casinos provide both free to play as well as real money online casino experiences. Both of these options can be easily found and filtered through using the CasinoNow portal. Using both of these options allows the players to get comfortable with the game they are playing before using real money.

Often the games will provide in game chips so the players are able to gain experience and skill before wagering actual money. This makes the online casino games provided by CasinoNow and iSoftBet far safer and removes the risk of people losing out while playing in the online casinos due to lack of experience or knowledge.

Top Five iSoftBet Game in Canada 2020

Within online casinos there are always a top list of games that both the community as well as the designers/creators of the game provide. CasinoNow offers a top 5 list in many different countries including Canada allowing the newer players to experience top quality casino games as soon as they begin playing.

Roo Riches

Roo Riches is one of the first online casino games to appear when searching for them online. As well as the game being already very popular it’s only recently been released which means the game is likely to receive new features from iSoftBet in the future. The game is very user friendly and is easy to pick up, play and learn. The colour scheme of the game also creates a warm home-like feeling which becomes relaxing and therapeutic the more the game is played.

Ghosts ‘N’ Gold

Ghosts ‘N’ Gold comes with a very unique colour scheme which leads to an equally unique player experience however, the game itself is also very simple to play with easy tab navigation allowing for extra ease of use. The game itself follows many rules that most slots games do but the art style and use of cold darker colours make the game stand out against most.

Prosperity OX

Prosperity OX, like Roo Riches is a recently released online casino game that is likely to have further features added in the future. However, the game doesn’t need those extra features to already be a fun and enjoyable online casino game. With 4096 different ways to win and many ways to aquire extra free spins there will never be a dull moment while playing Prosperity OX.

Wild Ape

Wild Ape has a great way of creating a tropical atmosphere while playing the game. The music as well as the visuals create a jungle based/ wild atmosphere that the name suggests. The animations also link with the theme of the game and are visually pleasing. There are also many different ways to win including free spins and features known as WILDS which are extra things that can be collected on the slots.

Aztec Gold Megaways

Aztec Gold Megaways is in an adventurous rich-man’s style with the main colour theme of the online casino game being gold. The slot itself has a very unique layout with everything around it seeming to connect with the slot machine. When things are removed from the slot others fall down often allowing for “Mega” combos to be achieved and the amount a player could win is nearly endless.

iSoftBet Games & Slots RTP List – Choose Highest & Best RTP!

RankGames & SlotsRTP
1Blackjack (iSoftBet)99.64%
2Blackjack VIP MH (iSoftBet)99.59%
3Blackjack Super 7s MH99.59%
4Blackjack MH 3D (iSoftBet)99.46%
5Blackjack MH (iSoftBet)99.4%
6Blackjack VIP (iSoftBet)99.4%
7Blackjack Royal Pairs99.4%
8Blackjack French (iSoftBet)99.38%
9Deuces and Joker Poker (iSoftBet)99.07%
10Punto Banco (iSoftBet)98.94%

The iSoftBet Collection: Full Games List 2020

Their games include TV and movie franchise games, such as the American television show 24, and the popular Jack Black film Nacho Libre. Having the opportunity to play slots that feature your favorite movies and TV shows can definitely add more fun to the experience. As mentioned before, you can play these games on your mobile phone as well as online, so it’s super easy to access these games from almost anywhere.

Online Casino Software in General

Any player new, returning or active within the online casino community should be aware that the CasinoNow portal is the best place to be able to find the best, famous most popular or unique forms of online casino games. For players, it is important that they gain general knowledge about the casino software in general. In that way, a player will have deep insight and understand the games provided by ISoftBet much easier.

Advantages & Disadvantages of iSoftBet Casino Software

iSoftBet is one of the better companies that create and provide online casino games for the casino gaming community however there are both advantages and disadvantages to the company.


  • The amount of games the company provides is astonishing. This means that a player likes the style of which iSoftBet uses but has gotten bored of the online casino game that they are playing. They can simply move to a different game which will have the same feel to it but at the same time still be a completely different game.
  • As well as this not every online casino company provides both free to play options and free demos that the player can easily access. This shows how secure and safe iSoftBet is since they let the players get used to the game in which they are playing before they start using real money and run the risk of being ill prepared for features that may occur within the game.


  • A disadvantage with iSoftBet is not to do with the actual game play features but the types of games that are provided. Though many games are provided by the company they mainly focus around slots games rather than other casino options such as blackjack, roulette, poker and other casino games. This means the player is limited as to what type of online casino games they are able to play if they wish to stay loyal to the company. There are a few options for roulette and blackjack but not as many as slots machines.

iSoftBet Casino Games Experience

iSoftBet is a company that provides online and mobile casino games to some of the biggest casinos in multiple countries. Available on well-known casinos in Canada, you can find iSoftBet games on almost any site you check.

Games Selection

As mentioned previously, iSoftBet has a wide variety of games for you to choose from. With over 150 different casino and slot games, you’re sure to find a few games that you’ll love playing.

The other 250 games made available by iSoftBet include jackpot games that you can play simply on your mobile phone. Not only that, but they also offer table games and many different types of branded games.

Taking a quick look at iSoftBet’s website will show the large selection of games they have, not only slots but all other games available as well. Since iSoftBet has a pretty big amount of slot machine games available, it’s hard to pick favorites. While some games are older than others, they still function as great classics. Their newer games are sure to please, and so are the older ones.

Games Topic

The themes of the games provided by iSoftBet often link in well to the game title. As previously mentioned, games like Wild Ape have wild themes which perfectly link the in-game sounds, aesthetics and features together into an enjoyable package.

However, this is a unique theme for the game. Most of the games provided have a golden/red theme which gives a prestigious feel to the slot games. All the topics of each game are also very unique with most of them linking in with adventure and exploration of different cultures and parts of the world

Design of iSoftBet Games

One of many reasons iSoftBet is a popular casino game provider is that their games are unique in many ways. It’s clear that time and effort is put into making these games not only function well but also to look stunning too.

Their online slot games, jackpot games, and all other games are fun to play with a colorful design that keeps players captivated no matter how long they play for. With so many games available, it’s amazing that they continue to have fresh new design ideas for their games.

Games Interface

On each of the games the start screen gives a brief rundown of how to both play the game and what extra features there are within the game. The layout of each game provided is also very simple with the amount of spins and winnings positioned on the bottom of the screen, the slot board dead center of the screen and any additional information the game provides the player with being positioned along the top of the playable screen.

Software & Technologies

iSoftBet uses both in-built software technologies as well externally provided technologies to provide entertaining and safe gaming experiences.

They are partnered with companies such as Pariplay and SA gaming which both provide software that iSoftBet use within their games. iSoftBet also works closely with the online casinos to ensure that players have the best gaming experience possible.

Games Licensing

As previously mentioned iSoftBet has worldwide licensing in over 16 regulated markets including some of the largest casino markets like the UK, Switzerland and Canada. Obtaining licensing at a scale like this is no easy task and further justifies the company’s good name.

Technologies & Casino Integration

iSoftBet provides APIs that online casinos can then use to host the games that they have created. This means that the data handling for the service is done by the online casino rather than iSoftBet themselves. This means that the data is likely to be more secure than if the service was hosted by iSoftBet.

Safety with iSoftBet Games

Thankfully, iSoftBet games can be found at trustworthy online casino sites. Since the company holds the proper licenses, they can distribute their games to players legally. Not only that, but casinos that feature iSoftBet games all have proper licenses needed from regulating authorities that require them to protect their players.

You’ll find that your experience playing iSoftBet games won’t be one that puts your money or identity at the risk of being taken. Many casinos can be untrustworthy, but you’ll be well protected and so will your playing experience as long as you play on casino sites that feature iSoftBet games.

Mobile Options Offered by iSoftBet

If you’d like to have easier access to iSoftBet games rather than having to be on a computer, you can opt for downloading their mobile games to have constant access to all of their games. You can play all of them as an app just the same as you would online at a casino site.

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, iSoftBet offers many of their casino games and jackpot games. You can experience the fun of playing all of these games on the go if you don’t have access to your home computer to play.

Game Bonuses

Most of the online casino games provided by iSoftBet have forms of bonuses features like daily login bonuses and the chances to win free spins. As well as this some of the games, including Aztec Gold Megaways as previously mentioned have different combo sets that can build up the jackpot and increase the amount that can be won.

What is iSoftBet

Hundreds of online casinos available feature iSoftBet and their software. Considering only having been operating for a total of nine years now, iSoftBet is doing very well as a software provider.

Providing over 400 games, it’s clear why many casinos use iSoftBet. They offer hundreds of casino games and slots, jackpot games for mobile, a range of mini games, lottery games, and even more.

iSoftBet Casino Software Features

iSoftBet software comes with many different features considering they provide more than 400 games. Most of the games have their own unique features which allow each game to stand apart from others. Some of these features include:

  • Mobile optimization: Some games that iSoftBet provide can be played on mobile allowing the game to be played wherever the player may be.
  • Live Casinos: Some of the software used within the iSoftBet games are also used within live casinos.
  • Safety Feature: Since the company is regulated within more than 16 different casino markets the software has top-grade security that online casinos trust.

iSoftBet History

iSoftbet was founded in 2010 and bought loads of games into the online casino market upon their creation. Since then they have been continuously releasing new games each year all different from the last. They even recently released two new games, Roo Riches and Prosperity OX and intend on releasing a new game by the name “Fishin’ for Gold”. iSoftbet is certified in more than 16 different regulated markets and since their release in 2010 have partnered with many different organisations that lead the gaming industry.

iSoftBet Milestones

  • 2010 – Company was founded an introduced 400+ games the the online casino market
  • 2013 – iSoftBet obtains it own fully customisable Facebook platform
  • 2015 – iSoftBet obtain official UK license
  • 2015 – Branded slot for “24” is released
  • 2015 – iSoftBet released one of its most popular slot games with paddy power, another well-known casino brand.
  • 2019 – iSoftBet enters the Canadian market.

Many more milestones have been set by the company and more so in recent years. This shows that the company is still expanding after its 9 years of service the the online casino market and further plans are in place over the next few years.

iSoftBet Awards

Currently iSoftBet is yet to receive any awards for the online casino games that the company creates. However, due to the company being relatively young compared to other companies that create online casino games it is likely that within the next few years the iSoftBet would have acquired many different awards for the software they create.

Did you know?

The reach in popularity the iSoftBet has allowed them to create partnerships and sponsored casino games with some of the world largest TV/Movie shows to date. For example they have casino games based off of the film Rango and the TV series 24 to name a few.

Casinos with iSoftBet Games

A few of the best casinos with iSoftBet games are Leo Vegas and Spin Casino. Though these are only a few, these are trustworthy sites that you can play on without worry.

iSoftBet provides games to some of the largest and most popular online casinos. You can find them on the sites previously stated, and on even more sites like Sloty, Party Casino, and NightRush.

Though only six online casinos have been mentioned, a quick search will have you finding that iSoftBet casino games are available on over 300 other online casinos. There’s many to choose from, so take your pick.

iSoftBet has games featured on sites not only in Canada, but on sites in many different countries. They’re certified in Italy, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Alderney, and the UK as well. You can find their games available at many reputable casinos online.

Maximum Jackpots in the games of this software

Since iSoftBet creates many different games it is difficult to pin-point a maximum jackpot. It is likely that the maximize jackpot is set by the company upon the creation of the game however, some other games that iSoftBet created have a combo roller which could mean the maximum jackpot is open ended and that there is no upper limit.

iSoftBet Casinos – Best Tips

To achieve the best experience from iSoftBet Canadian online Casinos you will need to picky about what game you play. Since all of them have their own unique features and art styles and the fact there are so many of them you get the freedom to choose which is most visually pleasing for you. Doing this means you will be able to play the game without getting fed up with any of the features.

Before going into the game with real money we also suggest that you use the opportunities provided by iSoftBet and use the free to play versions and the demos to make sure you are comfortable with the features of the game before becoming invested in the game.

iSoftBet Software – Our Conclusion

In conclusion the service provided by iSoftBet provides entertaining, exciting and dynamic experiences. The fact that the services they provide are readily available for many different countries including Canada show that they are one of the best online casinos provided out there and are likely to improve throughout 2020. With their expert marketing and collaborations with different companies it is likely that the game library for iSoftBet will increase in the future and further updates will be provided to exciting games. It is more than worthwhile giving iSoftBet online casino games time out of your day as a form of entertainment.

iSoftBet has a great reputation among the online casino community. With their well-designed games and their dedication for giving players a great experience, they deserve the high reputation that they have. They are one of the top providers of casino games for online casinos, and it’s no question why when they make such great games. If you’re going to be spending your time and money searching for the best casinos and casino slot games, you can settle on slots and other games made by iSoftBet. Their games are unique compared to others, and it’s easy to have a great time playing them. James Taylor James Taylor Expert

iSoftBet Casinos – FAQ

Is iSoftBet safe?

Since iSoftBet has obtained licensing within many regulated markets they have a very good representation within markets and are trusted by regulators and online casinos for their security and entertainment. As well as this they have external companies as well as in company provides constantly working on making iSoftBet casino games safe to play.

Are iSoftBet games good for beginners?

iSoftBet casinos have many different games that each player can involve themselves in, this means a beginner is able to find which ever game makes them comfortable before they fully get involved in playing the game. The simple layout of the casino games as well makes them very easy to navigate.

Can iSoftBet games be played on mobile/tablet?

Some iSoftBet games come with tablet/mobile compatibility and can be played via the app store or google play on mobile or tablet devices.

Do iSoftBet provide free to play options?

iSoftBet casino games provide free to play options as well as a demo version that can be played on the website. This means that players can get comfortable with a specific game before choosing to use real money.

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