Best-Rated Elk Studios Casinos 2020

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James Taylor

Our priority in CasinoNow Canada is to guarantee locals an excellent experience playing online casinos. Our tests & reviews are always unbiased. Sometimes an online casino is 100% convincing and we decide to partner with it. However, this does not affect the objectivity of our assessment.


There are many different online casino brands that you should try out. And here at CasinoNow, we review some of the best of them. If there is one casino brand that definitely deserves our attention, it would have to be Elk Studios casinos. This is one of the leading names not only in Canada but in many countries all over the world.

The Elk Studios casinos are known for the quality selection of the available games that they offer. To that end, you should read the rest of this review in order to learn just why here at CasinoNow we feel that the Elk Studios casinos are so important for the Canadian players and gamblers. We wrote this review with the simple aim of helping you to understand Elk Studios software from a CasinoNow point of view. This software package, diverse as it is, is suited to most gamers who like to play high-intensity, face-paced casino games, and you can find Elk Studios games below.

Top 5 Trusted Elk Studios Casinos in Canada

1 Playamo Casino /wp-content/plugins/supernova20/img/images/inner_flag_wrap_alt
Playamo Casino
Impressive Variety of Games
Deposit Method (6)
  • logo Neteller
  • logo Skrill
  • logo Visa
  • logo Mastercard
  • logo Paysafe Card
  • logo Bank Wire Transfer
  • Payout97,41%
  • Payout Speed2-3 Days
  • Min/Max deposit€20 - €10 000
Deposit Method (6)
  • logo Neteller
  • logo Skrill
  • logo Visa
  • logo Mastercard
  • logo Paysafe Card
  • logo Bank Wire Transfer
2 Cookie Casino /wp-content/plugins/supernova20/img/images/inner_flag_wrap_alt
Cookie Casino
Stylish Game Design
Deposit Method (14)
  • logo Visa
  • logo Mastercard
  • logo Paysafe Card
  • logo Trustly
  • logo Maestro
  • logo Neteller
  • Payout97,82%
  • Payout Speed1 Days
  • Min/Max deposit€10 - €10 00
Deposit Method (14)
  • logo Visa
  • logo Mastercard
  • logo Paysafe Card
  • logo Trustly
  • logo Maestro
  • logo Neteller
3 Woo Casino /wp-content/plugins/supernova20/img/images/inner_flag_wrap_alt
Woo Casino
Generous Bonus
Deposit Method (10)
  • logo Visa
  • logo Mastercard
  • logo Maestro
  • logo Skrill
  • logo Neteller
  • logo Paysafe Card
  • Payout97,5%
  • Payout Speed1 Days
  • Min/Max deposit€10 - €10 000
300 CAD + 200FS
Deposit Method (10)
  • logo Visa
  • logo Mastercard
  • logo Maestro
  • logo Skrill
  • logo Neteller
  • logo Paysafe Card
4 Casino Cruise /wp-content/plugins/supernova20/img/images/inner_flag_wrap_alt
Casino Cruise
  • Payout96,59%
  • Payout Speed2-3 Days
  • Min/Max deposit€10 - €5000
C$1000 + 200 FS
5 Spin Casino /wp-content/plugins/supernova20/img/images/inner_flag_wrap_alt
Spin Casino
  • Payout97,59%
  • Payout Speed1-3 Days
  • Min/Max deposit€10 - €5000

We recommend that you do that, and if you wish to try out Elk Studios games for free then you can do so through CasinoNow. We have many free games for you to try out, but if you wish to try out any Elk Studios games in a paid environment, we recommend using the above casino options.

The Top 5 Elk Studios Games in Canada in 2019

There are numerous high-end Elk Studios casinos that are now using this particular software platform to their own ends. While there are many choices to pick from, we recommend that you take a look at the following Elk Studios casinos. Each one provides you with access to their extensive catalogue.

There are many high quality games made by Elk Studios, and we recommend that you take a look at the following games from Elk Studios. They make so many game types, though, from slots to video poker, that we recommend you avoid simply looking at these games. Check them all out!

Ice Wolf

A very fun sots gaming experience with a rich and stylish theme. You should find it very easy to play this slots game; it’s got a lot of the most interesting features we have come to expect from modern games, all laid out in a stunning thematic design.

Hit It Big

A classic slots gaming experience, Hit It Big is a must-try for anyone who enjoys a high stakes slot gaming experience. It has a lot of fine side games to try out, and you should find it pretty easy to fall in love with its colourful, creative art design.


Popular for many reasons, Chi is a big name slot game for those who enjoy an anime-themed style to their gaming. Chi works well for numerous reasons, not least the fact that it has such a fine collection of mini-games within that allows for bigger, exciting wins.


Are you a fan of the Kaiju industry, such as Godzilla and Pacific Rim? Then you will love Kaiju. This high-stakes slots game comes with a fair amount of intensity in every round, so expect something of a hybrid between conventional gaming and standard gaming with a story.

Champion’s Goal

CG is a big name on the scene for Elk Studios, and is a great football-themed event that you should have no problem enjoying. It’s a fun, high quality game that you should have no problem at all engaging with. There’s plenty fun to be had with Champion’s Goal!

ELK Studios Games & Slots RTP List – Choose Highest & Best RTP!

Rank Games & Slots RTP
1 Poltava – flames of war 96.4%
2 Ho Ho Tower 96.4%
3 Platooners 96.3%
4 Respin Circus 96.3%
5 Joker Gems 96.3%
6 Sam on the Beach 96.3%
7 Hong Kong Tower 96.3%
8 Lake’s Five Easter 96.3%
9 Wild Seas 96.3%
10 The Wiz 96.1%

Pros and Cons of Elk Studios Software

As you might imagine, Elk Studios has some great points – and a few issues that we would like to point out. Typically, those who take part with Elk Studios software should notice:


  • Most of the best Elk Studios games are available on both Flash and HTML5.
  • They have a great range of games which are boosted by all manner of features.
  • Mobile optimised for fast performance and secure gaming thanks to SSL security.
  • Easily customisable to suit your own viewing experience, changing the whole dynamic.
  • You can often find that most of the games are diverse in both style and in appearance.


  • The games listing is still growing, with many of the same themes covered.
  • There are no progressive jackpots when it comes to playing online with Elk.

The Elk Studios Gaming Experience: What can you expect?

With over 30 major slots games made by this company, it’s fair to say that Elk Studios manages to combine both quality and quantity together. That’s why so many gamers enjoy their platform. What, though, makes it so good?

Games Selection

Selection is not much of an issue here, either. You have many games to pick from, and their variable themes will make it easy to know what you are dealing with. They have slots with the generic themes like Egyptian and pirate-based themes, but they also delve into far more unique layouts. From the previously mentioned Chi and Gold series to games like Poltava: Flames of War and DJ Wild, they have a rich range of games to pick from.

Whatever you are usually into, you should find a slots game or a table game that is based on something you enjoy.

Games Design

First off, you should notice that the overall design standard is among the best in the industry. The team at CasinoNow have long noticed the quality of the design, with some of the most exciting themes coming through from Elk these days.

While many other companies stick to the same old themes of things like Egypt, Ancient Mythology, and generic casino themes, this is a site that really goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to quality.

The game designs are very impressive, with rich colour schemes, creative layouts, and interesting character designs shining through.

Games Topic

The kind of games that they make are also very varied. Whilst most of their games collection outside of slots sticks to the general theme quite easily, their slots games are so varied. You have the obviously anime-inspired Chi, as well as more creative games like Voodoo Gold and Tahiti Gold. In fact, their Gold series is among the most creative that you will find on any platform. Why?

The games often invoke interesting themes from the countries they are based in. Topics are diverse and varied, going from the fictional to the factual without any great drop-off in quality.

Games Interface

The interface is always an easy thing to enjoy with Elk Studios. The CasinoNow team are happy to say that the interface is often quite standard, with most game having a large, easy to spot interface whether you are playing online on a PC or with a mobile device. Help is often easy to find, with most games filled with tutorials and information that you could use to better understand the overall layout.

In general, interfaces are user-friendly, easy to work out, and are loaded with useful information that you can easily put to good use. That really makes a positive impression.

Software and Technology

The team at Elk Studios prides itself on using some of the newest technologies and software for the development of their games. For example, their strongest point is arguably the visual design of their games. They use cutting edge software to design their games – but the team also consists of highly talented and skilled individuals that work on the projects. The end product is, in most cases, a visually magnificent game.

Also, the Canadian players will appreciate the fact that the games are all with sound mathematical design. This means that the random number generators are set in place and that you don’t need to worry at all about any shady RTP rates that will increase the edge that the Elk Studios сasinos have.

The software and technology that is being used is equally impressive, also. You should notice that most of the software runs on their own unique maths model, ensuring that their slots run with a unique betting pattern that changes the stake level according to the rules played to.

Games Licensing

The company presently has jurisdiction to play in various parts of the world, including the increasingly challenging UK and Maltese networks. Given the high bar needed to land a license here, Canadian gamers should feel comfortable knowing that Elk Studios are licensed in some very challenging, competitive markets.

Technologies & Casino Integration

Listed on over 50 casinos in total, this is a casino platform that plays by the rules of over 50 accredited casinos. They also use their own bespoke maths algorithm, which helps them to adjust the stake to the challenge and the risk/reward factor, making every session safer and simpler.

Games Safety & Security

Again, Elk Studios has worked to ensure that they have a robust and secure platform online. That stems from their desire to meet all security needs – something they do with aplomb. They only can receive their licensing from so many venues due to their ability to keep their games safe.

With SSL security used on all of their games, you can find that their games are a good place to start with if you are looking for a new gaming home. The SSL encryption and full integration with so many casinos ensures you can feel pretty safe working with Elk Studios games online.

Mobile Gaming

You can play most of their 30+ slots games on mobile, too – though it does obviously depend on the casino that you try out. Users can play all of the Elk Studios games that we have for free on CasinoNow via mobile or via desktop devices, also.

Game Bonuses

They tend to run a fair few casino bonus programs, though most of them do just come down to free spins depending in where you have decided to sign-up. You will find that the game bonuses are mostly found in-game, too, with bonuses like free spins won on their various slots games.

Elk Studios History

Formed in 2013, Elk Studios has grown over the years to become one of the largest casino software developers in Sweden. The Stockholm-based company has grown and become far larger than many would have expected, especially given the competition they face in Sweden.

However, the company has become known for having a high quality list of games and with a really Scandinavian approach to development and design. They are also noted for having their own unique maths algorithm; this makes their games play far different to many of their competition, creating a generally more satisfying gaming experience moving forward.

Did you know…

That Elk Studios is known for their mobile-first approach? That’s right; most of their games are made for enjoyment on the go. Unlike other companies who just port the games over, Elk genuinely has made all of their games for consumption first and foremost on your mobile device.

Milestones of Elk Studios

  • 2013 – Elk Studios opens shop in the city of Stockholm, Sweden,
  • 2013 – The first Elk Studios slot game is live – The Lab,
  • 2014 – Elk Studios launches Poltava – nominated for game of the year,
  • 2014 – Elk Studios launches its brand new website,
  • 2018 – The first ICE promotion that the company undergoes,
  • 2019 – The second ICE exhibition for Elk Studios,
  • 2020 – Elk launches the brand new slot game called Hit It Hard,
  • 2020 – Elk Studios exhibits its software on yet another ICE promotion in the city of London, the United Kingdom.

Elk Studios Awards

Elk Studios, despite its relative novelty as a developer of online gambling games, has a lot to brag for in terms of awards. For one, the company’s game called Wild Toro won the prestigious Game of the Year award, on the event of the 2017 EGR Operators Awards. This alone is enough to make the Canadian players’ mouths to salivate at the prospect of visiting the Elk Studios Casinos.

Other than that, Elk Studios won an award for the year’s most innovative website, back in 2013. Also, a handful of their other games have been nominated for rewards of their own.

Maximum Winnings in Elk Games Software

For the most part, the majority of games that are made by Elk Studios will come with a winnings cap that is going to be around the €250,00 mark. However, the majority of the games they make are capable of producing many multiples of the stake you have placed.

Currently, there aren’t any progressive jackpots in the Elk Studios Casinos. But this shouldn’t deter the Canadian players at all. There are still several regular jackpots – and their size is not at all negligible.

For example, by playing the Elk Studios slot Joker Jams, you will be able to win one of three different jackpots with each spin. The smallest one is 10.000 EUR, the middle one is 20.000 EUR, and the ultimate jackpot is a whopping 50.000 EUR.

Elk Studios Software Features

  • Part of what makes Elk Studios so successful is their impressive mathematics module. It’s among the most advanced in the world.
  • Their games are often available on both desktop and on mobile, with both portrait and landscape views to suit your own personal decision.
  • ELK Compete offers gamers individual challenges that they can overcome to win prizes, such as cash or free spins to play with.
  • The majority of their games come with many ways to win, with popular games like Wild Toro having over 170 ways to win.
  • Their slots games are both 2D and 3D, making use of technical expertise to create games that are very easy to enjoy playing.

Strategies for Elk Studios Games

Most of their games are made for fast paced play, and some of their bigger games have a fixed jackpot that you can play for. The main thing to do when playing Elk Studios Games is to go for the various minigames within each game; you can often really help your cause by doing that.

Elk Studios Best Tips for Winning A Big Prize

The main thing to consider when it comes to wining big with Elk Studios software is to think about their unique add-ons. Most of their games come with side games and sub-stories that you can tap into, with each one giving you the chance to potentially win a lot of money if you play your slots right. With the cap and the lack of progressive jackpot, though, you should be aware that you will be capped as to how much you could win.

As a general rule, the newer games made by this developer involve the use of more and more advanced technologies – which makes certain aspects of the games heavily improved when compared with their predecessors. But this is not always the case. The Canadian players can still have a lot of fun with the older Elk Studios games.

What you should do, however, is put some work into finding the highest RTP rates for the Elk Studios Games. This will help increase your winnings in the long run – and make your gaming experience much more profitable in the Elk Studios Casinos.

Elk Studios Software – Our Conclusion

The one thing that really would disappoint most with Elk Studios is that it does lack progressive jackpot play. If you are used to playing for a progressive jackpot, you might find that this can be a touch disappointing. However, they make up for that by having innovative, modern games that come with a very creative sense of style.

Elk Studios is a great gaming platform, and at CasinoNow we recommend their games to any Canadian looking to try out something new. The progressive jackpot loss is a negative, but almost everything else – from design to implementation – feels like a positive. Overall, Elk Studios is a quality software developer who has justly built up their reputation through years of quality development. If you want to enjoy trustworthy casino gaming, start here.

So, we have come to the end of this CasinoNow review. What we can deduce now is that Elk Studios offer some of the best online slots that you can play on the internet – and this holds especially true in the field of mobile gaming. The Elk Studios team consists of highly talented and skilled individuals that really love what they do for a living. And you can expect to see their love seeping from every part of the games that they create. This will help you have a fantastic time playing some of the Elk Studios casino slots.

Read more about online casino software providers

If you’re interested in learning more about the general state of the various online casino brands on the internet – then we suggest that you browse through the CasinoNow website for more info. We have reviewed some of the biggest names in online gambling – and we believe that every gambler will find some information of use here.

Elk Studios Casinos – FAQ

Do Elk Studios make other gaming types?

Not at the moment, no. They tend to be focused just on casino slots gaming, though this could change in the near future. Like most companies in the industry, they tend to find a specialisation and then stick to it.

Are Elk Studios games fair to play?

Yes, we have to say that they are 100% safe to play. Canadian gamers should feel no trepidation about taking part in Elk Studios games. They pass licensing laws in places like the United Kingdom, and here in Canada, so you can trust they are safe to play.

Wil there be more games added in future?

Yes, almost certainly. Elk Studios is in a good moment at present, and have contributed to the creation of many exciting online casino games that suit their needs. Expect more in the future.

Are progressive jackpots coming to Elk Studios games?

Not at the moment. There is little information available about a move to using a progressive system, so it is not something that we would expect to see anytime soon.

Where are the best places to try out Elk Studios games?

We recommend that you try out our Elk Studios collection on CasinoNow. We have various chances for you to try out their latest slots games, so be sure to give them a bash if you feel like this company is a good choice for you.

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