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Everywhere you go you see smartphones and tablets. Odds are you’re probably reading this on your phone right now. Online casinos see what kind of juice this platform is getting and the smart ones are making sure they don’t miss out. Canadians who are interested in deals of mobile casinos can take advantage.

Top Mobile Casinos in Canada 2019

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What’s the Deal with Mobile Casinos

Mobile Casinos are applications or web-sites for mobile devices that connect you to an online casino. Apps are the preferred way for these companies to get engagement because their web browsers are rarely powerful enough to load a good version of their casinos.

They don’t want a bad experience for potential customers. Mobile apps will give you a more stable version of the browser-based online casino, with integrated touch screen support, chat and the aspect ratio for smartphone and tablet screens.

It’s a much better experience all around for the consumer, and it takes the performance of smaller devices into account when implementing graphical features. It would also be pretty silly for online casinos to ignore Canada’s massive growing mobile market.

The number of mobile and tablet users is expanding daily, and such a huge market deserves a good choice in online casinos. The customers are there, and they tend to stay there.

The Top 5 Key Features of Mobile Casinos

  • #1

    Mobile Casinos are designed from the ground up to work well on nearly all mobile devices.

  • #2

    $3.4 billion dollars and growing, the mobile market is getting a ton of attention from developers to get eyes on their apps.

  • #3

    A lot of mobile casinos allow you to start on your device and pick back up on your computer.

  • #4

    Mobile Casinos use the latest SSL encryption, third-party cybersecurity companies as well as multiple levels of login security to ensure your data’s safety.

  • #5

    They offer a wide range of bonuses, and some offer special bonuses just for playing through their app.

How Can I Find a Good Mobile Casino

Since there are lots of options for Canadians to comb through, it may be intimidating to some. Fortunately, the hallmarks of a good mobile casino are easy to spot. The best you can find are already aggregated at the list by Casino Now.

The best have nice web pages that list their features, bonuses for signing up, the games and provide information about the auditing process. The web pages themselves will also have a list of the banks and credit card companies that work on their site as well, and customer service numbers.

The legitimate ones want you to feel safe playing with them, and they will always use their credentials with other legitimate businesses. The other thing to note when visiting their pages is the security of the page itself. The URL with an ‘https://’ at the beginning indicating the web page is secure.

Why Are Mobile Casinos So Popular in Canada?

  • It’s come to the point that smartphones are almost as important as electricity today. Even government business and payments for utilities are being handled by apps now. It’s shocking to find a business that doesn’t have a mobile version.
  • So much business and utility packed into a mobile device have ensured that the Canadian market is primed, ready and it’s gigantic.
  • There are regulatory commissions in Canada that oversee all the best mobile casinos to ensure you’re betting legally.
  • Mobile casinos also work with large banks to ensure payouts are swift, and some even offer the option to use cryptocurrency.

What Are the Different Types of Mobile Casinos

Since the market in Canada is one of the fastest growing, there are plenty of choices for the savvy consumer. It’s tough to choose since we’re spoilt for choice. Casino Now is a good resource to start, but since you’re already here, I’d be happy to break down the basics for you.

There are straight Slots apps out there if pulling the arm and watching the wheels is your thing. There are others that offer a wide variety of table games and their live variants.

Best Mobile Online Casino 2019

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Mobile Casinos Available for Android

There are a lot of Android phones and tablets. Since Android is one of the most widely used operating systems for mobile devices,

Mobile Casinos for Apple devices

If you’re an Apple user and want to game on your iPhone or iPad, there are options for you too. If you are worried about compatibility issues, have no fear, iPhones, and iPads have a top-notch browser integration, so if they don’t offer an app, you can still play games.

I Have a BlackBerry, Can I Still Play

Don’t worry, the mobile casino market won’t leave you out in the cold. While your choices aren’t as robust as other platforms, you still have a solid selection of gaming options. BlackBerry’s app store has what you are looking for, and you should be able to play on your browser.

Casino Apps in Canada: The Broad Strokes

Casino apps aren’t brand new, but mobile casinos aren’t resting on their laurels. They are constantly trying to keep pace with the tech making smartphones and tablets so attractive to the consumer. The user interfaces are getting better with HD screens, and streaming video is making a big impact too.

There Are More New Mobile Casinos in Canada Than Ever

There is an astounding amount of mobile casinos available for Canadian’s. We are here to help narrow down this expansive list to a manageable level and keep you in the loop of which mobile casinos are offering the best deals for the end user.

New software developers are pushing the limits of what’s available for these platforms all the time. The top mobile casinos take advantage of the latest online security tools to ensure your data and private information are safe. There is a list in this very article that outlines the many great gaming apps available now.

It’s the best time for Canadians to shop around and find a casino that you are happy to play on or even switch to a new one that has better deals or a bigger choice in games. With this much competition, you can throw a rock and hit a great deal.


How Can I Get in Mobile Casino Action

Signing up for a mobile casino account is pretty easy and straight forward. Most will allow you to register for an account right within the app, though some might direct you to their website to complete the registration form.

It operates much like any other registration form for a site or app that interacts with your bank account, PayPal, or other payment options online. First, they’ll ask you for the basics, like your name and address, and ask you to set up your username and password.

It’s always a good idea to make sure you use a different password than any of your other accounts to make sure that if someone figures out one, they won’t be able to figure out all the others.

Then they’ll ask you for the payment method you’d like to use so you can add money to your account. After that comes a confirmation email.

How Secure Are These Mobile Apps

With cybersecurity being one of the biggest concerns for Canadians and the rest of the world, it’s fair to be leery of providing your personal information to a mobile app.

Mobile casinos know this and have quite a bit of money riding on this technology, so it’s in their best interest to make sure your information is secure, as well as their own.

Many use the latest and greatest versions of encryption software, and server security systems to make it incredibly difficult to get to your information, and any legitimate mobile casino will have audits from the applicable gambling authority.

What Kind of Payment Options Do Mobile Casinos Offer

Mobile Casinos have many payment options online to make sure you don’t have any obstacles in between you and your winnings. The best Mobile Casinos have quick payout times as well.

The last thing they want you to feel is nervous about not getting your hard earned money out of your account. The most common option is to use your debit or credit card. Setting this payment method up is as simple as ordering a pizza online.

PayPal is also a common method for payment. People like PayPal for the extra separation from their banking account. They also offer wire transfer directly to your bank account if you don’t have PayPal or don’t want to use your credit card number.

Some even offer the option of using BitCoin. Cryptocurrency is quickly growing in popularity again after the last spike in value, primarily because of the nature of block chain technology.

What’s the Future of Mobile Casinos

With mobile technology advancing at a blistering pace, it’s safe to say that the future of mobile casinos is pretty bright. You can do everything from stream HD movies to virtual reality experiences on your smartphone and Mobile Casinos have keyed into that.

Who knows what comes next? Will they give you a virtual reality live casino game in the near future? Will they take advantage of Block Chain technology to secure their bets?

Tablets and smartphones are one of the biggest install bases for Canada and the tech keeps putting incredible things right in the palm of user’s hands.

Mobile platform is doing great things for those of us who enjoy playing casino games on phones and tablets. The competition is bringing us great deals and pushing tech to new heights as far as security, chat, and graphics. With things as they are, mobile casinos are a safe bet.
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