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April 08, 2021

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James Taylor

Casino Expert

James Taylor: Your Casino Expert at CasinoNow

Hello and welcome to CasinoNow Canada. My name is James Taylor, and I’m here to help you learn more about the world of online gambling. The notion that I like gambling has been in my mind ever since I can remember – though it took time to crystalize into my consciousness. Ever since I was a teenager I felt an irresistible pull force coming from the casinos in the neighborhood where I lived, in Montreal, Canada. Admittedly, I wasn’t allowed to enter the casinos by virtue of me not being of legal age yet, so there was no way for me to enter the casinos and start playing the games to my heart’s delight. What I could do instead was hear all the different stories that the grownups had when they were in the casino. I was transfixed listening every time someone even mentioned the word “casino” or “gambling”. I still fondly remember the days when my uncle, a roulette aficionado, told me about his efforts to “beat the system” by using the Martingale strategy. I felt I could listen to him speak for days on placing bets on the “voisins du zero” field or the “orphans field”, even though I had no clear cut image about what those terms actually meant, yet.

The early days

And then I turned 19, which is the legal age in Canada for gambling. Oh the bliss I felt the first time I entered a real casino – I can remember it so vividly like it was yesterday. All the vibrant colors and the sounds that came out of the dozens of slot machines, the gamblers all doing their thing, placing bets on the roulette table – it was like a dream come true. And right then and there, I was irresistible drawn to the roulette table. Maybe it was my uncle’s stories about his exploits at the roulette tables, or maybe it was something else altogether. Anyway, I immediately deposited some money and started placing bets. Red, black, numbers, voisins du zero, I took turns placing various bets, winning some and losing some in the process. It was lucky that I didn’t have that much money at the time. I’ve heard of stories of hardcore gamblers wasting their lives and losing everything they had in the casinos, but these stories didn’t ring a bell at all while at was in the casinos for the first few dozen times, or so. I was giving my best to beat the system and get rich.

Acquiring experience and gambling wisdom

In time, I learned a lot not just about how to play the various games, but also about how online casinos work. How they prey on the player losing their cool and making hotheaded decisions in the spur of the moment. It wasn’t easy, but in time I learned how to stop tilting every time I lost a more significant sum of money – and how not to get swayed by a few consecutive big wins. Like my uncle used to say: “Quit while you’re ahead. All the best gamblers do.” It was years later that I learned that this wasn’t an actual quote of his, but a quote of a 17th-century philosopher by the name Baltasar Gracián y Morales. But this didn’t change anything – as it remains a timeless piece of wisdom that all gamblers should incorporate and implement in their game. Not long after I started visiting real casinos, I learned that I could just as easily start playing gambling games online. Now I didn’t even need to get out of my home to gamble, which was, once again, like a dream come true. But the fact that I could gamble anytime I want without leaving my home held a hidden danger – I started to lose track of time and of how much time and money I was spending while gambling online. But my passion was real, and I really enjoyed spending time gambling.

Park in Montreal

A career in writing about gambling

And this is where I learned that I didn’t have to gamble per se, in order to be one with my passion. It’s where I learned that I could write about gambling – that I could share my already vast and increasing knowledge in all of the gambling games with people from all over the world.This is where my experience studying at the University of Quebec in Montreal and working in market research companies – alongside my love for gambling – came together as one. I started by writing short posts about various roulette strategies, slots and casino reviews. I really poured my heart into these posts as I was very passionate about gambling and writing – and it showed by the sheer number of people upvoting my posts on a regular basis.

Ever since then, I started doing writing gigs for various clients, companies, and even for my own sake as, once again, I really enjoyed doing this. It was the next best thing after gambling itself – and it was the perfect thing to do when I “wasn’t supposed to gamble”. But things really began shaping up in my life with the CasinoNow Canada portal, where I was employed as the chief editor. Now I’ve turned my writing into a full-time career – and I’m delighted with it. Ever since I started my job at CasinoNow Canada, I’ve been working feverishly to learn and write about the best online casinos that Canadians could visit – including:

  • the biggest available casino bonuses,
  • the best selection of casino games,
  • the best online slots and progressive jackpots,
  • the casino deposit and withdrawal methods,
  • the selected online casino software,
  • strategies and tips for winning more while playing the best online gambling games on the internet.

My personal life

I’m now married to my beautiful wife, and we have a daughter together. My wife doesn’t share my gambling obsession, but she does play a game or two of roulette every once in a while. In my spare time, I enjoy playing European football, as it helps to relax me. I also have a quirky fascination with Bobsleigh. I love watching the competitors speed through the icy tubes – though I’ve never tried riding a bobsleigh myself. But either way, better believe it that almost every minute of my life, I think about gambling and how to improve my roulette game, how can slots become more fun, how can I beat the system in blackjack, etc.

My partner in life and my closest buddy is my dog – Max, a golden retriever. He’s a joy to be around, playful and happy, always running around and barking in a friendly way. Even though he acts like he has no off button, one thing that he likes to do is sit right next to me when I play online slots – and he’s surprisingly very quiet then. Frankly, this is one of the most enjoyable moments that I have in my day-to-day life. During the years, I’ve learned a lot from gambling, and a lot about gambling. I’ve learned to control my emotions, to not give in to impulses. I’ve learned that gambling is a way of life for some people – and that every single person gambles with something every day in their life – regardless if it’s in a casino or not. And, best of all, I’ve learned countless of interesting tidbits of information that can help you have a fantastic time in your gambling experience. The most important thing that anyone serious about gambling should understand is that gambling can be a fun pastime, a hobby, a passion that can bring you money, at best – but a devastating addiction, at worst. If you too are serious about gambling, then you should drill it into your head that you should be responsible when you gamble. Always gamble responsibly – as only this will ensure that you will maintain not only your longevity in gambling – but also your sanity. And if you believe that you have a problem with gambling compulsions, then there are many professionals that can help you deal with it. Don’t hesitate to contact them.

My mission

It’s my mission to share all that I know with you, the audience of CasinoNow Canada. While I know that I’m not the best writer on the subject – I know that there is a burning passion for gambling in my heart and that every day I’m giving my best to write better, more informative articles about it. And I hope that you will have a fun time reading some of them – learning more about what makes gambling such a great, exciting, highly volatile pursuit in life.