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Gambling Regulation and Licensing in Canadian Territories 2019

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Important notice: all the information is intended to be used only as a reference. It’s not advertising and shall never be considered legal or economic advice. In order to get the precise information, you need to address all your questions to the regulating authorities and organizations in your country.

The Northwest Territories (NWT), Nunavut and Yukon are mysterious northern regions of Canada, which are famous among the travelers with their wild nature, incredible local traditions, and cultures of indigenous people, which weren’t affected by the western civilization.

The vast area of this part of Canada in conjunction with the low density of population allows tourists and visitors to enjoy the wild nature and feel the unity with the world. However, the real fans of gambling and games of fortune may face serious problems here. However, it’s not that bad.

There’s only one casino for all three territories. At the same time, one doesn’t really need to go to the traditional casino to play roulette, blackjack, baccarat or other popular games. You don’t even need to leave the comfortable conditions of your home. You can play whenever you want by having a gadget connected to the internet.

You can start your amazing journey together with us: read our amazing guide in order to find all the information about gambling in the territories of Canada and even more.

Key Information about Gambling in the Territories

Help and Support Services for the Players

Contact information of the regulating authorities in order to file complaints, and send requests to solve issues related to the violation of consumer rights:

In case if you feel that the game becomes a real problem or a serious illness:

Traditional Gambling in the Territories

It may seem that these regions offer no chance to enjoy traditional gambling because there are almost no venues offering casino games, bingo or slot machines. At the same time, there are no casinos in NWT and Nunavut, even though they are not officially prohibited by the law. Perhaps, the reason is hidden in the strict rules for casinos in the territories (for example, they are not allowed to work after midnight on Saturday and before 13:30 on Sunday).

Yukon also can’t offer a wide range of gambling houses. Players are able to go to a single casino called Diamond Tooth Gertie’s Gambling Hall.

There are also lotteries offered for local people. They can be as officially supported by state: NWT and Nunavut Lotteries, and Lotteries Yukon, as well as carried out as single events (raffles and bingo). Furthermore, one can find Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs) in various venues all around the territories.

However, it’s not really all the things offered in the region! Fortunately, the world of online gambling is really developed and offers a wide range of opportunities, which can be reached via a device connected to the internet.

Online Gambling in the Territories

NWT, Nunavut, and Yukon offer an official website to participate in the sports draft lotteries. It’s called SportSelect and operated by WCLC (however, it’s seriously limited with the Canadian laws; for example, one is not able to bet for a single event, which seriously limits the range of opportunities for the customers). There’s no official online casino offered in the region.

However, players are not really limited to the sports draft lotteries at SportSelect, because they can use many online casinos offering a wide range of astonishing and interesting games. These casinos are managed by foreign companies located in other countries. As a result, they are not limited by the laws of Canada or its regions.

Cross-Border Access

It’s worth noting that the field of online gambling is rapidly developing all around the world. In other words:

As a result, legal online gambling is offered in many countries all around the world, giving access to the endless world of online games and eternal happiness. People are able to cross the borders without leaving their homes.

Is It Legal to Use Such Websites in Canada?

We are not going to make bold statements about the legal status of gambling in Canada. Officially, all kinds of gambling, which are not directly allowed by the provinces or territories, are prohibited in Canada. There is no information about the legal status of online gambling in the territories.

At the same time, Canadian laws can’t affect the activity of companies registered in different countries and jurisdictions. In other words, the foreign online gambling websites can’t be banned or prohibited in Canada. This rule is not officially confirmed by the current legislation; however, it’s the current interpretation of the effective laws in Canada.

Furthermore, authorities of both Canada and regions have never tried to ban such websites and portals. It’s worth noting that there are several cases, which confirm the legal status of foreign online gambling in Canada.

As a result, players in the territories are able to have free access to the most popular gambling portals all around the world. Furthermore, players bear no responsibility for participating in games, which are not legally approved by the state.


Legal foreign online casinos have to act on the basis of a license or approval issued by one of the international jurisdictions. In the majority of cases, they prefer registering in one of the European countries (currently, Europe is the most rapidly developing gambling market). Furthermore, such licenses can be issued by Kahnawake (Mohawk territories in Quebec). More detailed information about online casinos and regulations can be found on our website.

Please note the following: even though the online gambling market is constantly developing, one may still face a lot of mischievous and fraudulent companies working in this field. Thus, you need to check all the information about the chosen operator or the website before starting the game. Try to find all the information even in case if you see positive reviews at forums.

You can follow our clear recommendations or use our detailed rating of the best casinos, which were chosen by the real experts. By doing so, you will be able to make an informed decision and enjoy the comfortable process of gambling.

In case if you want to understand the world of gambling in details, we kindly recommend you reading the best articles written by our experts about the regulations and gambling all around the world.

Current Legislation

Key laws in the field of gambling are the Lotteries Act in NWT and Nunavut, and Lottery Licensing Act in Yukon; these documents are relatively simple and easy in comparison with the acts implemented by other provinces. As a result, one doesn’t need a lot of time to get familiar with them.

The most important information offered in the law: forms and types of gambling offered in the territories, rules and requirements for the licensees and players, maximum prizes and general requirements

It’s worth noting that every casino is considered a services provider, thus it has to comply with the regulations in the field of consumer rights protection. Each territory has its own Consumer Protection Act, which protects the right of consumers (NWT and Nunavut, Yukon).

Please note the following: one can also use the Canadian Consumer Handbook in order to get detailed information about the protection of the consumers in Canada.

Safety of Players

As we mentioned before, the world of online gambling is developing incredibly fast, while the safety of the players remains one of the key priorities. According to the best practices all around the world, the most reliable casinos have to offer the highest level of safety and security for their players, as well as convenient payment tools and modern approaches to the personal data processing.

Nevertheless, such standards may vary depending on the country. It’s worth noting that the United Kingdom implemented one of the most strict requirements for online casinos and gambling portals. As a result, one can be sure in the trustworthiness of a casino that has a license issued by the UK.

Deposits and Payouts in Online Casinos

More detailed information about the payments in online casinos can be found here.

James Taylor

These territories offer virtually no access to gambling. One can enjoy local lotteries and unclear betting process. At the same time, you are still able to choose one of the numerous online casinos working 24\7 – the huge number of options, which can satisfy demands even of the most advanced players. Never forget the fact that the enjoyable gaming process starts from the choosing of a reliable casino. Be wise and play responsibly.

Key Facts about the Territories

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