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Gambling Regulation and Licensing in Province of Quebec (Canada) 2019

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Important notice: all the information is intended to be used only as a reference. It’s not advertising and shall never be considered legal or economic advice. In order to get the precise information, you need to address all your questions to the regulating authorities and organizations in your country.

Do you think that speaking some French is the most important thing for those planning to play casinos in Quebec? No, not at all! Quebec offers a wide range of gambling activities in both English and French as in traditional as well as in online casinos. Furthermore, we are talking not only about the Espacejeux but about the wide range of different online casinos available for the people in Quebec.

The most important thing is to know the rules and find a reliable website operator. We kindly recommend you reading our detailed guide in order to discover the key facts about gambling in the province of Quebec and learn how to make the right choice of casino.

Key Information about Gambling in the Province

Available casinos: traditional (a small network of state-controlled casinos and gambling halls) and online casinos.

Minimum age of the players: 18

Taxation: all prizes and winnings are free from taxes (unless you are a professional gambler).

Quebec Laws in the Field of Gambling

Loi sur les loteries, les concours publicitaires et les appareils d’amusement (hereinafter referred to as the Lotteries Act). This is the key law of Quebec in the field of gambling. It contains general provisions about all types of gambling in the province.

The most important information offered in the law: legal forms of gambling in the province, clear description for each of them, information about the licensing process, rights and obligations of the regulating authorities, main violations in the field of gambling and penalties.

The Lotteries Act of Quebec was used as the foundation to created different sets of rules and laws for specific gambling types, for example, Règlement sur les jeux de casino, Règles sur les appareils d’amusement or Règles sur les appareils de loterie vidéo.

Please note the following: on the federal level, the field of gambling is regulated and governed by the Criminal Code of Canada; this document defines the rules and the conditions of operation all around the country (one can find more detailed information about the federal gambling rules.

Loi sur la Société des loteries du Québec – is the law regulating the operation of the local corporation called Société des lotteries du Québec (Loto-Québec). This law defines all the functions and rights of the corporation as well as the key principles of management and operation. Any mentioning of the Société d’exploitation des loteries et courses du Québec is all other laws represents the Loto-Québec corporation and the mentioned law.

Consumer Protection Act – it’s worth noting that every casino is considered a services provider, thus it has to comply with the regulations in the field of consumer rights protection. One can find more detailed information about the consumer rights protection offices on a special website of the Quebec government.

Please note the following: one can also use the Canadian Consumer Handbook in order to get detailed information about the protection of the consumers in Canada. One can use the Régie website and open the Lois et règlements – Jeux section in order to get familiar with other laws in the field of gambling in Quebec.

Regulating Authority

Regie des alcools, des courses et des jeux (Régie) – this is a special department of the Quebec government that was created to control and oversee the operation of the companies in the field of alcohol, gambling, public lotteries, horse races and martial arts. All the licenses in the mentioned fields are issued only by Régie.

Société des lotteries du Québec (Loto-Québec) – this is a state corporation that represents the interests of the federal government in the field of gambling on the territory of Quebec. It controls all the casinos and gambling halls all around Quebec as well as possesses all the equipment and slot-machines in them. It also regulates and oversees the lotteries and bingo games, as well as controls gambling equipment inside the casinos.

Casinos in Quebec: List of the Offers Available for Players in the Province

Requirements for the players. In order to access the local gambling website, you need to comply with the following requirements: you have to be at least 18 years old, you have to be a resident of Quebec and you have to be in Quebec during the game.

More Information about Online Gambling

But is this all? Is Espacejeux the only one option to enjoy the world of online gambling? Of course no. Quebec offers access to the wide range of online casinos with numerous games and astonishing slot-machines. One can find as well-known international operators, as well as new developments of unknown companies from all around the world.

At the same time, such international casinos offer a wide range of benefits and advantages:

Do I need a translator to play? No, not at all. In many cases, the operators of the casinos offer full support in French and English languages on their websites.

How about the currency converter? There are many websites, which accept Canadian Dollars as the mean of payment, so you don’t need to think about it at all.

Do such casinos have disadvantages and flaws? They can’t be called real flaws, but it’s highly recommended to check the place of registration and the applicable legislation. Casinos are usually registered in different countries, thus they work and operate in accordance with the laws of such countries. They are not obliged to comply with the current legislation of Canada.

So, while using a foreign gambling website, you need to be ready to bear more risks. In fact, if you choose a well-known and reliable casino, you don’t have to worry about the license of the compliance with the Canadian laws. Furthermore, many jurisdictions offering the licenses for such casinos have stricter laws and requirements in the field of gaming that in Canada (for example, you can read the detailed report about the regulation of online gambling in the UK.

How to Choose a Reliable Casino?

In order to make it, you need to use our short and easy to understand manual. Furthermore, it’s highly recommended to read our article about online gambling all around the world in order to understand the most important moments during the process of a reliable casino choosing. By doing so, you will be able to avoid costly mistakes.

Our rating of online casinos. If you need some help in the process of casino choosing, you can easily use our detailed rating of the most reliable gambling portals and casinos offering the vast range of games and applications, while following the rules and offering the fair gaming atmosphere.

It’s worth noting that Quebec authorities are trying to block access to the foreign websites on the legal level. As we mentioned before, on May 18, 2016, the National Assembly of Quebec applied the Bill 74 (or Budget Act) that blocked access to the online gambling websites, which were not registered in Canada irrespectively to the location of the operator of the website.

However, that bill was considered unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of Canada. Currently, the authorities of Quebec have already appealed to the Appeal Court of Quebec. It’s worth noting that this case is still under review by the court.

In other words, all foreign gambling websites and online casinos are not prohibited in Quebec. Furthermore, there are many other real practical examples, which confirm the legal status of the foreign online casinos and websites.

In addition, the new law contains no information about the penalties for the participation in illegal gambling, thus, the users of the online casinos have nothing to worry about, while playing in Quebec.


Canadian Operators

All the companies and individuals participating in the gambling process are obliged to get a license (section 34 of Lotteries Act): the owners of casinos and venues with VLTs, as well as manufacturers of hardware and software, and owners of the bingo halls; even the logistic companies delivering the equipment must have a license. At the same time, all the slot machines and other types of hardware can belong only to the Loto-Québec.

Where to check the validity and the legal status of the operators and the casinos? One can find detailed information about the licenses of bingo halls and slot-machine (except VLTs) owners in the special public registers of Régie.

Please note the following: While in Quebec, you may participate in poker competitions carried out in the bars. Sometimes, such tournaments may be transformed into a league of poker, for example, Circuit Poker Quebec. All the tournaments are carried out as charity or social events. At the same time, they are not regulated by the laws in the field of gambling. The legal status of such tournaments is still questionable, but the authorities prefer to ignore this issue for now.

Foreign Online Casinos

All the casinos are obliged to have a license issued in one of the foreign jurisdictions or the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory, which accepts the legal state of online gambling and offers its own set of rules and laws (more detailed information about gambling in Kahnawake can be found here. In the majority of cases, foreign casinos are registered in small European countries, such as Malta or the Isle of Men. One of the most reliable is the license issued by the United Kingdom.

Deposits and Payouts in Online Casinos

Online casinos in Quebec offer the very same transaction processing rules as all other venues in Canada.

James Taylor

Currently, there are no reasons to consider foreign online casinos and websites registered in Kahnawake illegal. As a result, you can choose what you really want. One can go to one of the gambling halls, use the Espacejeux website or one of the most reliable foreign casinos. Never forget the fact that the enjoyable gaming process starts from the choosing of a reliable casino. Be wise and play responsibly.

Key Facts about the Province

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