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Gambling made fun and easy with MasterCard Casinos

James Taylor

April 19, 2021

21 min read

Our priority in CasinoNow Canada is to guarantee locals an excellent experience playing online casinos. Our tests & reviews are always unbiased. Sometimes an online casino is 100% convincing and we decide to partner with it. However, this does not affect the objectivity of our assessment.

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Are you a MasterCard user? If so, you are in for a treat. You have the key to a secure, easy and powerful gambling experience. After all, Mastercard payments are known to be the best mode of payment for online casinos.

Understand the benefits, drawbacks, and features of MasterCard casinos before you begin your adventure – read the guide by CasinoNow.

Canada’s Best MasterCard Casinos of 2021



C$1500 + 150 FS

Playamo Casino Review
  • Payout Rate


  • Payout Time

    2-3 Days

  • Min/Max Deposit

    €20 – €10000

Payment Methods(15)

  • A huge selection of games available made by top tier software providers
  • The customer support team is at its best, with live chat, email and phone support
  • PlayAmo Casino is a completely legitimate venture, fully licensed by the top iGaming authorities.



$200 + 220 FS

Cookie Casino Review
  • Payout Rate


  • Payout Time

    1 Days

  • Min/Max Deposit

    €10 – €1000

Payment Methods(8)

  • Paysafecard Logo
  • A solid selection of software providers
  • Customer service is available to contact 24/7
  • Live chat option is especially useful in this sense



300 CAD + 200 FS

Woo Casino Review
  • Payout Rate


  • Payout Time

    1 Days

  • Min/Max Deposit

    €10 – €10000

Payment Methods(12)

  • Woo Casino features support for cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin cash, alongside other payment methods
  • The owner of Woo Casino, Direx N.V. is a legitimate, trusted operator of several top-tier online casinos
  • There is a nice bonus for the new players in the form of several hundred free spins for the slots



C$1000 + 200 FS

Casino Cruise Review
  • Payout Rate


  • Payout Time

    2-3 Days

  • Min/Max Deposit

    €10 – €5000

Payment Methods(8)

  • Paysafecard Logo
  • Thousands of available games that the players can play – made by top tier developers
  • Big welcome deposit bonus for new players in the form of free betting money
  • Dozens of live games to enjoy in the live casino section




Spin Casino Review
  • Payout Rate


  • Payout Time

    1-3 Days

  • Min/Max Deposit

    €10 – €5000

Payment Methods(13)

  • Paysafecard Logo
  • Fully licensed and legit online casino – owned by the Palace Group
  • Some of the best games made by reputable developer Microgaming
  • Big casino bonuses especially for the new players
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Table of Contents

  1. MasterCard Defined
  2. Enjoy Online Casinos Games Accepting Mastercard
  3. MasterCard’s Options
  4. Safety & Security at MasterCard Online Casinos
  5. A guide to making a deposit at MasterCard Casinos
  6. MasterCard Online Casinos Money Withdrawal
  7. What is the Transfer Times using MasterCard?
  8. MasterCard Customer Support
  9. Advantages of Using MasterCard Online Casinos
  10. Disadvantages of Using MasterCard Online Casinos
  11. Conclusion

MasterCard Defined

Before understanding why online gambling accepts MasterCard payments, it’s essential to understand what it is. MasterCard is an organization that delivers financial services. It processes transactions that you carry out on credit cards.

Rather than being affiliated with a single bank, it processes the transactions of a range of lenders and banks. To know whether your credit card is a MasterCard, look for the MasterCard symbol at the bottom. If it is present, then it means that MasterCard’s technology will be used for the processing of payments.

MasterCards can be used for depositing and making various transactions. This also includes multiple online casinos in Canada.

Enjoy Online Casinos Games Accepting Mastercard

Thinking of raising the stakes in online casinos by playing games using real money? MasterCard gambling comes in quite handy during this time.

While there are various ways to deposit and withdraw money, using MasterCard allows users to benefit immensely. This is because it is quick, convenient and safe for the most part. There are a lot of casinos in Canada that accepts MasterCard.

However, not all of them are worth your time and money. Why? This is because you need to consider factors like the fee of using the service along with the security of the website and then choose your option.

MasterCard’s Options

There are different types of Mastercard available to customers. This includes the following:

  • MasterCard standard, which is the most basic form and meant for customers that don’t have a credit history to back them;
  • Gold Mastercard, is an upgrade of the standard one and is often used by those who travel a lot;
  • Platinum Mastercard offers various rewards and discounts to its cardholders and is given to those that backed by sound credit history;
  • World MasterCard, which delivers enhanced security and works as both a debit and credit card;
  • World Elite MasterCard allows customers to benefit from various discounts on top of high security and standard features;

Safety & Security at MasterCard Online Casinos

While MasterCard as an organization might work to be as safe as possible, you must also ensure the safety of the online casinos in question.

Remember, online casinos ask for a lot of sensitive information during the point of transaction. This includes personal information like your name as well as credit card information like your credit card number.

If this sensitive data falls in the wrong hands, you might end up with identity theft or fraud. This is why you must ensure that the online casino you choose is safe. A great way to do is by checking its reviews on our website.

A guide to making a deposit at MasterCard Casinos

The process of creating a deposit in an online casino using MasterCard is quite straightforward:

  1. Every online casino has a deposit page. Select the option “credit cards.” Within the sub-menu, choose “MasterCard.”
  2. Here, you will be required to input your 16-digital card number, name, card verification value and expiry date of the card. Make sure to make no mistake during the process to avoid an error. You will also be required to fill the amount of money you want to deposit.
  3. Finally, you will have to give confirmation to ensure that all the payment details are authentic. Once you deposit the money through MasterCard, it will be visible on your account instantaneously.
  4. You can now begin playing the various games available on the online casino.

When you are depositing money, a fee will be charged. The amount will depend on the casino in question. Usually, 2-3 percent of the amount deposited is charged as a fee.

MasterCard Online Casinos Money Withdrawal

The process of withdrawing money from MasterCard Casinos is the same as the method of depositing it.

Here too you will be required to fill in the details. This includes your CVV number, credit card number, name and expiry date of the card. After a maximum of five days, your MasterCard account will showcase the balance after withdrawal.

While withdrawing money using a VISA credit card is a piece of cake, the same is not true for the topic. In fact, as of recently, MasterCard is on a spree of reducing its withdrawals from casino accounts. Therefore, you will have to check to see if the online casino you are playing in allows you to withdraw money using MasterCard.

In most cases, MasterCard withdrawals will only be allowed by casinos if the same card has been used for making deposits. Moreover, you will be charged a fee for the process, which will vary.

What is the Transfer Times using MasterCard?

Whether you are depositing or withdrawing your money using your MasterCard, the transfer time is almost instantaneous. It takes no longer than a few minutes for the desired amount to be processed. One of the unique selling proposition of MasterCard is that it allows for faster and more manageable payments.

MasterCard Customer Support

MasterCard’s customer support is exceptional. It is available to listen to your queries and complaints round the clock. The customer support team can be reached via email as well as a phone. Users of the service have applauded its customer support for timely response and delivery of the solution.

Advantages of Using MasterCard Online Casinos

Using MasterCard as a payment option in online casino allows users to realize various benefits. Firstly, considering how quick the process of deposit and withdrawal takes, using MasterCard is an easy way of making payments.

Moreover, once you deposit money to your casino account, the said amount will be reflected almost instantaneously. This allows you to begin playing games from the get-go rather than waiting for your payment to be processed.

Since MasterCard works with credit, you don’t need to necessarily have the said amount in your bank account to make a deposit. Instead, you can repay it to the bank at a later date. Here, you are given the autonomy of how to make repayments.

Finally, MasterCard is an organization that functions on a global scale. This means that you can be sitting anywhere in the world and have your payment accepted. This holds true for online casinos as well. Hence, using MasterCard is quite a convenient option.

Disadvantages of Using MasterCard Online Casinos

Nothing in this world is perfect. This holds true for MasterCard as well. There are a few drawbacks associated with this mode of payment.

Firstly, using MasterCard for casino payments is not the most secure way of making deposits. This is because, upon deposit, you provide personal as well as credit card information. This sensitive information can end up in the hands of a hacker when you use the online channel. Make sure to verify the security of the casino in question before you use MasterCard as a mode of payment.

While making deposits on credit is an advantage, there is also a flip side to it. The ability to spend more than what you have is a black hole you need to approach carefully.

Finally, online casinos charge a fee for using this payment method. Depending on the MasterCard casinos in question, this can make the transaction a tad too expensive.


While there are some flaws associated with MasterCard payment, we believe that the advantages outstrip the drawback. MasterCard payment is convenient, easy and quick. When dealing with online casinos, this is the option everyone wants. And if you choose a quality casino selected by CasinoNow, you don’t need to worry about the security of your data.

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