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E-check Casinos in Canada: Safe and Secure Payment Method

James Taylor

April 19, 2021

23 min read

Our priority in CasinoNow Canada is to guarantee locals an excellent experience playing online casinos. Our tests & reviews are always unbiased. Sometimes an online casino is 100% convincing and we decide to partner with it. However, this does not affect the objectivity of our assessment.

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Review and rating formation is carried out according to many criteria. To evaluate the payment method, its reliability and safety, convenience, popularity in a certain country are checked. As well as the availability of a payment method in the recommended online casinos.


E-check casinos offer local players a payment system that’s known for its convenience and security.. It’s a payment system that’s known for its convenience and security. An electronic check (or e-check, in short) is a payment form where the payer’s money is transferred to the account of the merchant – and this process gets done through the Automated Clearance Network (you’ll read more about it below.)

Given the rising popularity of e-checks, the number of e-check gambling sites is on the rise. After all, using an e-check – is very convenient, safe, and fast. So, there are hundreds and hundreds of top online casinos that feature e-checks as a convenient way to pay. What you will learn by reading the rest of this review is how you can use electronic checks to make payments, what are some of the advantages and potential disadvantages to their use, the top casino brands in Canada that feature e-checks – and much, much more. If you’re interested, then feel free to keep on reading.

Best E-check Casinos in Canada 2020

Our casino experts have created a table of some of the best casinos in Canada that feature e-checks. They have used the following criteria: bonuses, payout percentage, deposit time and limits. Once you read the table, you will have a better grasp on the e-check casino landscape in Canada.



C$1500 + 150 FS

Playamo Casino Review
  • Payout Rate


  • Payout Time

    2-3 Days

  • Min/Max Deposit

    €20 – €10000

Payment Methods(5)

  • Neteller Logo
  • Paysafecard Logo
  • A huge selection of games available made by top tier software providers
  • The customer support team is at its best, with live chat, email and phone support
  • PlayAmo Casino is a completely legitimate venture, fully licensed by the top iGaming authorities.



$200 + 220 FS

Cookie Casino Review
  • Payout Rate


  • Payout Time

    1 Days

  • Min/Max Deposit

    €10 – €1000

Payment Methods(6)

  • Neteller Logo
  • Paysafecard Logo
  • A solid selection of software providers
  • Customer service is available to contact 24/7
  • Live chat option is especially useful in this sense



300 CAD + 200 FS

Woo Casino Review
  • Payout Rate


  • Payout Time

    1 Days

  • Min/Max Deposit

    €10 – €10000

Payment Methods(6)

  • Neteller Logo
  • Paysafecard Logo
  • Woo Casino features support for cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin cash, alongside other payment methods
  • The owner of Woo Casino, Direx N.V. is a legitimate, trusted operator of several top-tier online casinos
  • There is a nice bonus for the new players in the form of several hundred free spins for the slots



C$1000 + 200 FS

Casino Cruise Review
  • Payout Rate


  • Payout Time

    2-3 Days

  • Min/Max Deposit

    €10 – €5000

Payment Methods(5)

  • Neteller Logo
  • Paysafecard Logo
  • Thousands of available games that the players can play – made by top tier developers
  • Big welcome deposit bonus for new players in the form of free betting money
  • Dozens of live games to enjoy in the live casino section




Spin Casino Review
  • Payout Rate


  • Payout Time

    1-3 Days

  • Min/Max Deposit

    €10 – €5000

Payment Methods(5)

  • Neteller Logo
  • Paysafecard Logo
  • Fully licensed and legit online casino – owned by the Palace Group
  • Some of the best games made by reputable developer Microgaming
  • Big casino bonuses especially for the new players
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All of the casinos in Canada on the list above are thoroughly tested by our CasinoNow experts – and not just on the aspect of the electronic checks – and we have determined that they are some of the best online casinos in Canada. We have already written in-depth reviews on everything relevant to the players regarding the casinos. You can read more about how to make deposits and withdrawals.

How We Tested the E-check Casinos

Electronic checks are an important aspect of the casino’s payment system. However, when testing, our experts still had to go through every other nook and cranny to see whether the system as a whole is stable and secure – and in specific, if the electronic check payment system works as intended.

But that’s not all – our CasinoNow experts have performed an in-depth analysis of the legitimacy of the casinos – whether they are licensed by the highest licensing authorities and whether their games are certified by eCOGRA or other organizations. We also took a look at the bonuses and what special offers and prizes these casinos feature – and we concluded that they have some of the biggest bonuses on the Canadian gaming market. Finally, we also analyzed the games that these casinos have on offer.

Make Casino Deposits with E-checks

It may not seem like it – but making e-checks casino deposits is very easy and simple. Follow the simple step-by-step guide below and you’ll get it done in no time:

  1. Register an account in the casino of your choice. Make sure that the casino accepts electronic checks as a payment option.
  2. Visit the deposit page on the platform. This page shouldn’t be difficult at all to find – as most casinos will feature it in an easy-to-find place.
  3. Select the “fast e-check” deposit method from the list of deposit methods that you can pick.
  4. Follow along the process – you will need to write information about your checking number and your routing number in the bank where you have a bank account.
  5. Write the sum of money that you wish to deposit in this way – and you’re all set.

Advantages of E-check Casino Deposits

There are several advantages to using this payment method. First of all, it’s a completely safe way to deposit some money in an online casino. You don’t need to worry that somehow you will be scammed out of your money.

Next, you will be able to immediately begin playing your favorite gambling games in the casino of your choice – once you have made an e-check deposit. The electronic check deposit method is instantly recognized by the casinos.

Make Casino Withdrawals with E-check

If you want to use electronic checks to make Casino Withdrawals – then one of the primary conditions that must be met is for you to have a checking account in a Canadian bank. Luckily, there are dozens of legit Canadian banks where you can create your checking account – which you can then use to make e-check withdrawals. So, some of these banks are:

  • CIBC
  • National Bank of Canada
  • Bank of Montreal
  • Scotia Bank
  • HSBC Canada

And others. These are the most popular banks in Canada for a reason – they offer solid banking services to Canadian customers. So, it follows that millions of Canadians have already created a checking account in one or more of these banks – for various needs and necessities. Furthermore, it follows that, since most Canadians have a checking account in these banks, then it means that they’re already eligible to use electronic checks for online payments.

Advantages of E-check Casinos Withdrawals

If you don’t have a checking account in one of the top Canadian banks – then there’s no reason to worry at all. You can go through the entire process of creating a checking account in a short period of time. Contact the officials at any of the top Canadian banks and they will give you instructions on what exactly you will need to do to create a checking account and use electronic checks for payments.

Security and Safety of Idebit

Regular checks are notorious for the fact that there have been many forgeries and elaborate scams executed with them in the past. However, this is not the case at all with electronic checks. First of all, the route from the bank to the casino is direct – there are no intermediaries. This is a known problem with regular checks – as there are multiple intermediaries between the bank and the final transaction, which can cause problems.

The e-checks have a proprietary stamp that legitimizes them and approves their integrity. The relevant financial institutions check the authenticity of every single electronic check that has been issued. At the same time, there’s no need to share any sensitive financial information with anyone. All you need is the email address of the recipient. So, overall, you don’t need to worry at all about the safety of your electronic check transactions.

Features of E-check Casino Payments

The biggest pitfall of this payment method is that not all online casinos feature it. Moreover, the number of casinos that don’t feature this payment method as a withdrawal is even higher. It’s much more convenient and easier for online casinos to only work with credit and debit cards and electronic wallets, among others.

However, those casinos that do feature electronic checks are actually offering a fantastic payment method that players from all over the world can use. It’s completely safe and secure. And it too is very convenient. You won’t even need to pay any big fees for their use. And last of all, the use of this payment method is quick. You will be able to make instant deposits. Overall, we believe that it will be very beneficial to online gamblers if they use electronic checks more often.

The legality of E-check Casinos in Canada

The country of Canada has made big progress in enacting and passing progressive, liberal laws in the field of online gambling. And the result is that gambling isn’t demonized like it was in the past. However, there is still a long way to go and there’s a big room for improvement.

For the time being, there are three provinces where online gaming is legal – as well as the usage of electronic checks to fund your gaming accounts. These provinces are Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. If you happen to be a resident in these provinces, then you shouldn’t have any worries about indulging in iGaming or about using electronic checks in online casinos.

E-check Casinos Payments – Time Frames

Now, we have mentioned that the deposit time when it comes to electronic check use is instant. But this is not necessarily the case… as electronic checks first need to be validated and authenticated by the authorities. This may take some time – but not a lot of time. The process is usually done very quickly – which warrants the use of the word “instant” when describing e-check deposits. The casinos almost fall in the category of instant e-check casinos.

E-check Casino Payment Methods – Fees & Limits

The fees for electronic check use are low – but they still do exist. The e-check merchants differ in the way they charge for e-check usage. Some will charge you a flat fee at the end of each month, regardless of how many transactions you make. Others will charge you a smaller, flat fee per transaction. What you will see is that, in most cases, you will be charged a $0.30 to $1.50 fee for every e-check transaction. As for the limits, they too vary. But, in most cases, and especially in the case of Canadian online casinos, the deposit limits are around $10 – $750.

E-check Casino Payments on Mobile

And there’s always the option to do some mobile gaming. The casinos in Canada specialize in having a quality iGaming mobile offer over a span of multiple different kinds of mobile devices. And wouldn’t you know it – you can also use electronic checks to do payments for mobile gaming in Canada.

You won’t even need to download any additional applications if you want to make e-check payments. This simplifies the payment process and makes it easier. Mobile apps are indeed available in some casinos in Canada, though, so it’s up to you to decide whether to download them or not, based on your needs and preferences and the apps’ quality.

Casino Games Available via E-check Deposits

The best part about using the best casinos in Canada is the fact that you can play a plethora of fantastic games. They are made by the biggest developers, too, like NetEnt, Microgaming, Yggdrasil, Evolution Gaming, and others.

You can play games in different categories – including videoslots, table games, live games, and others. And in the table games section – you can find a variety of different versions of roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps, and others. Suffice it to say that you won’t get bored easily by playing the available games in the Canadian casinos.

Disadvantages of E-check Online Casinos

Though we still maintain that it’s beneficial to use e-checks for the purpose of funding your iGaming accounts and then making withdrawals – there are still some potential disadvantages that you may come in touch with as you use e-checks.

First of all – this is not the quickest of payment methods. It’s not one of the slowest, either, but if speed is your primary objective when doing online transactions, then you may opt for debit and credit cards and electronic wallets.

Next off, there is something that should be said about the fees. As mentioned in one of the previous sections, the fees for e-check use may add up, and you may lose a sizeable sum of money in this way. But still, these potential drawbacks are negligible when considering the positive sides of electronic check use for online gambling.

E-check Online Casino Tips

Do you want to use e-checks for online gambling? Then we have a few tips for you:

  • Make sure that you research the e-check fees for the casino that you use. You may be surprised to learn that some casinos will charge you more than others for e-check use.
  • Always do your best to check if the casino is legit. E-checks are secure – but you can still get somehow scammed in a rogue casino. Use our CasinoNow lists for more info on the top legit online casinos in Canada.
  • Check the limits in the casinos of your choice – both the deposit limits. Most people don’t really care about it – but, in some cases, you may need to make big deposits.
  • Don’t be afraid to use e-checks. Many people have misconceptions that e-checks are insecure and hackable – when they are actually highly secure to use.

E-check – Comparison with Other Casino Payment Methods

It’s important to analyze not just electronic checks in isolation – but also as a part of the whole when it comes to online payment systems in general. So, our experts have made a table for you detailing the deposit and withdrawal time and the biggest advantages and disadvantages of various online payment methods – including the electronic check.

Payment MethodDeposit TimeWithdrawal TimeAdvantageDisadvantages
Instant1-7 daysSecure way to transfer moneyIt’s slow to withdraw money
InstantN/AVery fast depositsCan’t make withdrawals with it
InstantInstantVery fast deposits and withdrawalsNot many casinos feature it
InstantInstantHigh level of securityNot many casinos feature it
InstantUp to 5 daysUsed in many casinos worldwideMany casinos charge a fee
Instant1-4 daysMore and more casinos feature itSlow withdrawals

According to our table above, the electronic checks do rank up nicely when compared to some of the other payment methods – but there are also some disadvantages that you should consider, that many of the other payment methods don’t have at all. As you can see, you can do almost instant deposits with electronic checks, but you need to put thought into the fees that you will be taxed with every time you make an electronic check transaction. And though many of the top Canadian casinos feature electronic checks – there are still many other casinos where you can’t use it.

Feel free to compare e-checks with the other payment methods every time you have a question – and you can use our CasinoNow table above for this purpose. The fact is that the vast majority of online payment methods are completely legit and they will get the job done for you both quickly and securely.

E-check Basics for Beginners

If you want to get a rundown of the most important facts – the basics – about electronic check use in the online casinos in Canada, then you have come to the right place. Our experts have done in-depth research on this subject for you – so that you won’t have to.

Below you will find basic, important e-check information, like a step-by-step guide on how to use electronic checks and how to use them in Canada, the most popular electronic check wallets in Canada, the history and milestones, alternatives, and other important information. So, let’s get right to it.

How to Create/Setup E-check Account

In Canada, as in all countries, as a matter of fact, you will need to meet several conditions if you are to create an e-check account:

  • Be of legal age – i.e. over 18
  • Have a valid Canadian social security number
  • Be a Canadian citizen
  • Provide a photo of yourself
  • Fill out an application with all the relevant personal information
  • Fund your account once it has been created
  • Link the routing and checking numbers in the casino where you’d like to pay and receive e-check money

And that’s all there is to it. You will now be able to start using electronic checks for the purpose of iGaming in your favorite casinos in Canada.

How and Where to Use E-check In Canada – Guide

E-checks are getting featured on more and more online stores in Canada. The public is just learning that this is a safe, secure, and effective payment method – and the demand for e-check use creates its own supply on the market. That being said, some of the stores where you can use electronic checks in Canada are:

  • Appliances Connection
  • B & H Photo Video
  • Cabela’s
  • Best Buy
  • Foot Locker

And many others. And this is not to mention the dozens of online casinos in Canada that also accept electronic check use. So, you won’t find it a hard task to find a Canadian e-store that accepts e-checks.

E-check – Fact Check

There are several important facts regarding electronic checks. First of all, how e-checks differ from credit and debit cards is that the latter uses the card network, and the former uses the aforementioned ACH network. The credit and debit cards are also known to charge high processing fees, while the e-check fees are comparatively lower.

There are several critical security steps that are implemented in e-check technology – authentication, encryption, public-key cryptography, digital signature, and duplicate detection. This makes e-checks one of the safest online payment methods. So, with all the associated benefits to e-check use – we strongly suggest that you use this payment method more frequently.

E-check – History & Milestones

By now you should be aware of the fact that the e-checks are actually just electronic versions of the regular checks. There are many similarities between the two – at the core, they are both a valid payment method in many countries – but there are several differences, too.

Every time you want to use an electronic check on the internet – you will need to go through what’s known as the ACH, the Automated Clearing House Network. This is a vast network of interconnected financial institutions – and every single e-check transaction needs to pass the ACH authentication process before its finalized.

And the ACH, as the biggest milestone in the history of electronic checks, was created back in 1970. But it was only 20-30 years later that electronic checks began to garner widespread use and acclaim in online stores all around the world. Nowadays e-check’s popularity is still on the rise – and it may quickly turn to be one of the most popular payment methods that the internet has to offer.

The Most Popular E-check Wallets in Canada

If you want to use electronic checks in Canada, then you will need to get an e-check wallet first. We have compiled a small list of some of the best electronic check wallets in Canada:

  • Instadebit
  • iDebit
  • ecoPayz
  • Entropay

If you want to make secure, fast e-check payments in Canadian stores or online casinos, then you should pick one of the abovementioned electronic wallets. The registration process in all of them is free of charge, quick, and simple to go through. You can connect your electronic wallet to the store or casino very quickly, too, and you can start making e-check transactions almost instantly.

Conclusion: A Safe and Fast Way to Make Monetary Transactions on the Internet

If your goal is to use the best e-check casinos on the internet – then we hope that this CasinoNow article will help you with it. For now, you should be aware that the e-checks are very safe, very quick payment methods that will get the job done for you when it comes to making online gambling deposits.

Moreover, more and more Canadian e-check casinos spring up, so we can expect that the use of this method will increase and it will be even more popular than before. The low fees and the incredible security that you will experience are a part of the story of what makes e-checks so great for online gambling.

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E-check Casinos FAQ – Main Questions and Answers

What are the RTP rates in the e-check casinos?

This depends on the individual games that you will play in the e-check casino. So, for example, the slots average RTP is set at the 95% rate – meaning the casino will pay out as wins 95% of all the wagers that the players make, on average. There are certain roulette and blackjack games that have over 99% return to player rates – which is quite extraordinary when it comes to online gambling.

Do e-checks contain any of your personal information?

You will need to write some personal information when creating checking accounts and to confirm your identity. Also, online casino registration will require personal information upon registration. However, the e-checks themselves don’t contain any personal information – so you don’t need to worry about personal data loss when making online transactions with e-checks.

Is e-check a safe casino payment method?

Technically, no payment method offers 100% safety. There are ways in which the elite hackers can still try and bust through the layers of security. However, e-checks are one of the safest payment methods that are available. There are multiple hard-to-breach layers of security and the vast majority of transactions go through without any interference whatsoever.

Are e-checks available in all online casinos?

Sadly, no, they aren’t. The flip side is that more and more online casinos begin to feature them as valid payment methods – so even though there are many casinos that don’t feature e-checks, the number of new e-check casinos that feature them is steadily increasing.

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