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Best Casino Payment Methods in Canada 2021

James Taylor

April 20, 2021

18 min read

Our priority in CasinoNow Canada is to guarantee locals an excellent experience playing online casinos. Our tests & reviews are always unbiased. Sometimes an online casino is 100% convincing and we decide to partner with it. However, this does not affect the objectivity of our assessment.

When you choose to take part in some fun and exciting online casino gaming, you will need to deposit money into your account. With a real money casino, you need to pay to play. Doing so, though, can be quite tough. Therefore, we recommend you read this guide to better understand common casino deposit options.

Recommended Online Casino Payment Methods

What casino payment methods exist in Canada?

When it comes to using an online casino in Canada, you want to know what deposit methods work. To get your money into your account, you will need to deposit it within the account as quickly as you can. The longer that you wait, the longer that it can take.

The various methods that you have to pick from, though, can seem a little confusing. One thing that you might find about a casino payment plan is that it can be quite simple. Or quite complex. It really depends on what you use, and where you use it, that determines simplicity.

Choosing the best banking options for your choice of casino

The online casino issues that Canadians can pick from are vast and expansive. This means that you might have some issues choosing what payment choice is most suited for you. For the most part, Canadians will find it easier if they stick to using things like credit cards or PayPal.

Not all casinos, though, will be happy to accept that kind of structure. So, with that in mind, you can find it a little stressful trying to get your money into your account. If you are feeling like it is becoming needless stressful to get your money deposited, you should look to contact the casino support service.

They can give you an idea of how long money might take to arrive into your account. Most forms of payment – especially with debit cards and e-wallets – will be accepted and deposited within a 24-hour timeframe. The waiting around, though, can be quite annoying.

As such, you should look to work out what method is easiest for you and fastest to go into the casino that you choose to work with. Given the sheer number of options, it is best to look around first. Do not commit to any one particular casino until you are certain.

What credit and debit cards are likely to be accepted at Canadian casinos online?

There are many forms of cards that might accepted when you choose to play on a Canadian casino online. Some of the most common options for cards that will be accepted shall include the likes of:

  • VISA. VISA is the most commonly accepted option, and that should make it easy for you to find a deposit method for Canadian casinos that you can work with.
  • MasterCard. Another popular choice, MasterCard makes it easy for you to get the simplest payment plans in. They are accepted by most casinos and often provide fast deposits.
  • American Express. Another popular choice for Canadian casino deposits is to use American Express. It is a good card to use if you are looking to get payments made quickly and easily.

Most of the major card names will likely be accepted by the big casino sites, though. So long as your bank is reputed and legitimate, they will likely consider it.

E-Wallets and related payment methods you can use in Canadian casinos

Another fine choice of payment plan is to use an e-wallet. Many options exist for a good quality e-wallet, and each one should go some way to improving your deposit speeds. Popular e-wallets you should find are usable include:

  • PayPal. The most common choice, more and more PayPal friendly casinos are popping up for Canadians. It has been around for nearly 20 years, so has a lot of industry trust.
  • Neteller. Another common option is Neteller, a company that takes a lot of online casino payments. It is the go-to choose for a lot of people as it is mostly marketed for gamblers.
  • Skrill. Otherwise known as Moneybookers, this has become a common choice for many gamers to work with. Simple and ease, Skrill allows for stress-free deposits in a timely manner.
  • EcoPayz. The last option we recommend is EcoPayz, which is very popular and is the oldest of all the names mentioned. It is available for Canadians who need a simple, well-known deposit method.

Offline payment methods that Canadian online casinos will accept

Sometimes, you might wish to handle your payments by using a more reputable offline source of payment. Many of the most commonly used deposit options for Canadian casinos will use services like:

  • Western Union. Very commonly seen in the industry, this allows for offline and online transfer of funds. Extremely safe and simple, keeping your money secure before it arrives.
  • Cheque. Using an eCheck, you could easily make sure that you can get a paper check put through in the same way as you would have in the good old days. Can be done offline or online.
  • Bank wire. The other most common option is a standard bank wiring session, where you transfer the funds from your bank to their bank. Quick, simple, and very secure as it is done through the bank offering complete peace-of-mind.

Mobile payments when using an online Canadian casino for real money

For mobile users, you can often get access to all of the very same methods mentioned above. Most mobile casinos in Canada offer the same payment plans whether you are using the desktop or mobile version. There are, though, some other useful options, such as:

  • Payforit. A simple choice, Payforit makes it easy for you to transfer the money to your casino account and do so with your mobile. It is not widely used but is growing all the time.
  • Boku. This is made for easy payment options that avoids the need for cards or for e-wallets. It is one of the fastest methods for transferring your money, so keep that in mind.
  • Zimpler. This is a fine system used as a deposit method for Canadian casinos across the web. It is quite new but has already grown in usage and popularity that makes transfer of funds smart and very quick to process.

Can you use cryptocurrencies when paying your online Canadian casino?

The two most common options for those who like to use a more anonymised form of payment, such as cryptocurrency, is Ethereum and Bitcoin. It is very rare that you will find a cryptocurrency that is offering more than this dynamic duo.

Bitcoin has been around since 2011 and the most well-known form of cashless payment. You can use it on most online casinos in Canada, and it should be a choice for you to use for both deposits and withdrawals. It is often fast, too, which is a nice boon.

Ethereum is the other choice and tends to make a good alternative. Though it is not quite as widely used at Bitcoin, it is growing in popularity. The payments are very fast, though, so many people do like to use this method as it can sometimes get you the whole payment deposited into your account in a matter of moments.

What are the fastest deposit methods for a Canadian casino?

Arguably the fastest solution for a lot of people is to use an e-wallet. They tend to allow for you to get the payments put into the bank very quickly, allowing for rapid control over the amounts of money that you are putting in. depositing with a credit card to your Canadian casino is often the slowest way. This is for a variety of reasons but can often take more than a day.

It is vital to note, though, that most casinos have their own policies on this. Some can put through debit card and bank wire transfers in a matter of minutes. The same with e-wallets. Some casinos, though, can take 24-hours – or longer – to do just about any kind of deposit. You should look to check out any casino that you use before you consider making a deposit. This helps you to determine their speed without wasting time.

Safe and secure banking: things to consider when depositing to your casino

The safest way to make a payment into your account is probably through a credit card payment. Since these are Financial Conduct Authority protected, they are much more likely to reach the intended destination. In fact, just about all of your payments from e-wallets and credit/debit cards will be secure. Instant banking, too, is often very fast and safe.

Just make sure that any casino you deposit with has an SSL certificate (the green padlock next to the URL). Without that, you cannot be sure that data transmissions are safe. Always proceed with caution and reach out to the support team if you wish to get verification on anything they do with regards to payments.

Tips on depositing money with ease and without any stress

  • If you want to make a deposit without any problems, be sure to read the casino FAQ. While most casinos are broadly similar, some have more confusing setups than others. We recommend that you spend some time looking at their deposit options prior to making a deposit.
  • Doing this should help you to avoid wasting time and resources depositing with the wrong kind of payment system. As mentioned before, some can take longer than others.
  • Since most casinos have a live support system, we recommend that you look to contact support to find out about any potential delays or problems that might take place. Confirm everything that you think you know about their deposit system before continuing further. This helps to avoid issues, delays or mistakes when making payments.
  • Also, remember that most casinos will ask for you to go through an ID check when you try to deposit or withdraw money. That can be annoying, but you will need to do it as most of the time it is essential to keeping themselves secure and safe. It is for your own benefit, so just go with it.


Canadian online casino methods are fair, easy to work with and simple. They make it easy for you to make the deposit stick, and to ensure that you can get access to your money to play with. Compared to other online casino options, it would be hard to say anything negative about how Canadians get to handle their online casino gaming. Safe, modern, and secure: there are numerous reasons why online casino payments are so well-regarded in Canada. With that in mind, then, you can easily make deposits without worrying about a thing.

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