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If you find yourself trying to get the best online casino bonus in Canada, then you’ve come to the right place. It can always be a tough ask to find the best online casino sites around that offer lucrative bonuses, a great variety of games and safe and secure ways to make and receive payments.

With Casino Now, you’ll be treated to a real VIP experience because we have a team of experts that plays online casino games with their own money, gambling at as many places as possible. They’ll claim bonuses, deposit and withdraw money, try games on different devices and so much more in order to get the best online casino outcome they possibly can.

Top Online Casino Bonuses in Canada 2019

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Your Online Casino Bonus Guide

Many players in Canada and indeed around the world, will look for an online casino bonus whenever they decide to play at a site. Whether the site is new or old, whether you’re a new member or an existing one, bonuses at an online casino are subjects that are constantly under scrutiny and people will always be on the lookout for the best ones.

There are a few aspects that Canadian players will always look at when perusing new online casino bonuses and those are the following:

These are questions that our team of experts will ask too, whenever we find a new trustworthy casino that offers lucrative bonuses.

Some of aspects:

  • How much of a deposit do I need to put down?
  • How much will I get back in the bonus?
  • What are the wagering requirements like?
  • Can I play several games with the bonus?

Claiming a New Bonus

Finding an online casino that offers a great bonus, whether it’s a welcome bonus or a reload bonus, is just the first part. Once you’ve found one that works for you, you’ll then to claim it which can be done in a number of different ways.

Claiming a new bonus at an online casino is easy. Depending on the site, you’ll either need to visit the cashier and chat to them about the bonus you want to claim, or you’ll just have to hit the requirements to get the bonus added directly to your account.

There are occasions where you’ll be given bonus codes to use, and then you’ll need to apply those coupon codes in the empty space provided before you sign up, or once you’re able to put the bonus casino code in the right place.

How We Rate and Review Casino Bonuses

There’s absolutely no use in finding an online casino with the best bonus that you’ve ever seen, only to be let down by several other aspects that the casino is sorely lacking. Therefore, we like to rate and review online casinos as well as the bonuses that they offer to ensure that the entire package is a desirable one.

Our team of experts at Casino Now will sign up at the top-rated online casinos and work towards claiming each and every bonus so that we can see for ourselves that they offer a positive experience for each player that visits our site.

You should be able to see exactly how much you’re getting out of each bonus, what type of bonus it is, whether you’ll have to deposit money and if so, how much, and finally, are you able to make withdrawals from the bonuses that you apply.


Claim the Best Casino Bonuses in Canada

Our list of the best online casinos in Canada has several sites that maintain the basics of online casino enjoyment. Each site will have a number of games on offer, from reputable software providers, they’ll also have banking options and payment methods that you can trust.

Above and beyond that, we want the sites to have 24/7 customer service, so that you’re able to contact someone should you run into any problems, and finally, a site that works well on any device, whether it’s mobile or desktop.

Many online casinos will offer similar bonuses, but the best online casino bonus guides in Canada are the ones that tell you how to tilt the games in your favour, giving you extra money to spend or free spins to use, but also have every other reliable aspects of an online casino that you’ll want and need.

Best Online Casino Bonus 2019

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Different Types of Bonuses

There are a few different types of bonuses that you can claim whenever you’re playing at one of our top listed online casinos sites. You’ll often find that many online casinos offer similar bonuses, but they are all a little different when you look at match percentages and wagering requirements.

We will always recommend starting off with a no deposit bonus code in order for you to play for real money or for free spins at the beginning, to get a feel for the online casino you’ve chosen. From there, start to look at the first deposit bonus and then start playing your favourite games.

A lot of online casinos that have been in the industry for some time will also offer reload bonuses that will allow you to claim new bonuses each week, perhaps a few free spins here and there, or even a couple of cash back loyalty schemes.

Bonus Codes – How they Work

Bonus codes work in a way where you’ll receive a code either by email or from the cashier, or perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to find one online. You’ll then need to use that code in the appropriate box at an online casino that asks for a promo code, or you’ll just need to give the code over to the cashier when you first sign up at the online casino.


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Online Casino Bonuses vs. Traditional Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses are far more lucrative because you’ll be able to get anywhere between 100% and 300% of your initial deposit in actual credit that you can use at the online casino site.

Some bonuses will also offer you free spins, no deposit bonuses, referral bonuses for friends and family, and much more. Certain sites can give you double your deposit on Monday, or sometimes an online casino will be promoting a brand new slot and give you 50 free spins when you deposit funds on a random Tuesday.

There are many bonuses that online casinos will offer, even for different public holidays. When Halloween pops up, or perhaps something like Valentine’s Day, you’ll be able to claim holiday specific bonuses that can increase your funds, your spins and as a result, your overall enjoyment.

Traditional casinos don’t often offer bonuses, but those that do, don’t normally offer ones that can affect your bottom line when playing. If you’ve played a big land-based casino anywhere in Canada, you may be well familiar with the free drinks and food on offer.

The fact of the matter is, anything that a land-based casino can offer to you, will never be in the form of a fund increase or the ability to win money on real money games for free.

How to Get a Bonus

All you need to do to qualify for a bonus is to sign up at the online casino, provided you haven’t done so before. Most online casino bonuses are given to you when you make your first initial deposit, but some can also be given without you actually making a deposit.

These types of bonuses are where the real money lies because while this isn’t actual money going into your account, the online casino sees it as free credits that can be used instead of real money. This is what makes online bonuses so enthralling because you can play for real money without having to actually spend any of it.

Explaining Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of each bonus will be different, so it’s important that you read the Ts and Cs thoroughly. Some of the bonuses will only be able to be used on specific games, while others may only give you a certain percentage of the bonus until you’ve played for a period of time.

You won’t be able to claim two bonuses at any one time with the same deposit amount. You also won’t be able to withdraw over a certain amount when winning real money off a no deposit bonus code. There are many different terms and conditions you’ll need to abide by when first signing up for the bonuses.

It’s important to understand what you’re getting into whenever you claim a bonus. We sometimes find that it’s usually best to go into it thinking that you have a set amount of CAD to spend, and anything you get on top of that will be a huge bonus.


What Are Wagering Requirements?

Each bonus will come with a wagering requirement. This is an amount that you’ll need to play or spend in order to free the money up so that you can withdraw profits. You’ll usually see a number followed by an “X”, so something along the lines of 20x playthrough requirement.

This means, that if you get a $10 bonus, you’ll need to play through $10 twenty times before you’re able to withdraw any winnings you’ve made off that particular bonus. You’ll find that certain games will count more for the wagering requirements than others will too.

Usually, slots will count towards wagering requirements quite fairly, but certain table games will only count a fraction of the wagering requirements, or something not even be eligible to contribute towards it.

To Claim or Not to Claim

Just because an online casino is offering you a bonus doesn’t always mean that you should claim it. Some online casino bonuses are so shrouded in terms and conditions and different kinds of wagering requirements, that it just may not be worth it to claim it.

This is why we go through a lot of the conditions whenever we scope out and list the best online casinos to ensure that whenever you do play and want to claim an online casino bonus, you’ll be given the best ammunition to tackle the bonus and make out with the money at the end of it.

Usually a welcome bonus is something that adds a lot of value to your initial deposit, especially if you’ve set aside a good amount to play with. You can often just double your deposit with bonuses in free credit meaning that you’ll be able to play for twice as long.

Expert’s Opinion

It’s always worth taking a look at online casino bonuses no matter what kind of bonus it is. Some of them will add a lot of value to your bottom line and others, while small, may give you a real taste of what it’s like to play at an online casino in the real money section. Thankfully, our team of experts has put together a list of the best online casino bonus sites Canada has to offer, so you’ll find that you never get mistreated or find there are some strange terms and conditions to overcome.


How do casino bonuses work?arrow

Online casino bonuses work by adding free spins or free credits to your online casino account, without costing you any money. Casinos are usually able to give these away in lieu of a marketing budget, so that they can still gain popularity, but instead, give money back to the people who sign up.

Why do casinos give away bonuses?arrow

Bonuses are a way of online casinos getting people to play at their sites. Online casinos don’t have the same overheads that land-based casinos have, so the money that they would usually spend on other things, can be given to the players to get more and more people to sign up at the casino.

How to activate a casino bonus?arrow

In order to activate an online bonus, you’ll either need to fulfil the requirements set out by the bonus, put the code you’re given over email or from another site into the promo slot, or just speak to the cashier after you’ve fulfilled the requirements.

What is a bonus code?arrow

A bonus code is a 10-16 digit number that is given to a player that they can claim at a particular casino. Usually, you’ll get a no deposit bonus code or a welcome bonus code which you can then use to increase your bottom line, which will let you play for a lot longer.

What casino games can I play with a bonus?arrow

Most online casino bonuses, apart from free spins, can be used on any casino game. Each game, whether you’re playing slots or table games like blackjack and roulette, will count the wagering amount differently. This means that you’ll reach your playthrough requirement at different speeds depending on the types of games you play.

Can I get a mobile bonus?arrow

You can! Most online casino will offer bonuses regardless of what platform you play on. There are a few online casinos that will offer exclusive bonuses to players on mobile and perhaps some that even use different kinds of deposit methods.

Are casino bonuses only available for new players?arrow

No, that’s the beauty of it. New players will likely be able to claim the most lucrative welcome bonuses and the no deposit bonus codes that offer free credits or free spins. Players who have been part of an online casino for a while will sometimes be offered reload bonuses where they can claim different perks on different days of the week. You can also get referral codes to refer friends and family or even some cash back schemes, where the casino will pay you a percentage of wagers lost.

Are online casino bonuses safe?arrow

Online casinos are completely safe, so it makes little sense as to why online casino bonuses would not be safe. As long as you are getting your bonus codes and offers through legitimate sites such as this one, or straight from the online casino, you’ll be safe and sound when playing online.

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