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James Taylor

Online gambling, as fun as it is, can be a daunting endeavor for many people. Where do you start? Which online casinos should you visit – and which you shouldn’t visit under any circumstances? What kinds of online gambling games can you play and how can you play them? If you want answers to all of the above questions and much, much more, then you’ve come to the right place. Our team is 100% dedicated to providing you with the best, most in-depth reviews of online casinos and casino games for Canadian players. By reading reviews by our CasinoNow team, you will learn the ins and outs of the entire Canadian iGaming industry.

Who we are

Our team consists of dedicated professionals that have all started out as regular, passionate gamblers. And they have all gotten frustrated at some point with the lack of credible, on-point information on the internet regarding the best online casinos and games. So, the members of our team, in a sense, have all turned their hobby and passion into a full-time career. In our portal, you will find information on the following subjects:

  • The games that are available in online casinos.
  • We cover the whole gamut – online slots, blackjack, baccarat, video poker, roulette, and many other games. You’ll learn of their RTP rates and potential profitability as well as their overall fun factor.

  • The best online casinos.
  • Not every online casino is legit. And this is why you should come to our portal and learn more about the best online casinos – casinos that our professionals have visited themselves and they have tested the games, payment options, security and safety of the casino.

  • Casino bonuses.
  • The casino bonuses are an interesting subject, and one where not everything is at it seems. We only write about the casino bonuses that we ourselves have used – and we analyze them in a balanced, fair way based on their merits.

You’ll also learn about many other subjects that will be of interest to you. What’s important to know is that, on our portal, the players come first. We are always on the side of players, because we are the players ourselves.

Our mission and our principles

Our mission and our principles at CasinoNow are based on a few but critically important notions:

First of all, the needs of the player come first, and we make sure that:
  • The casino website is legit and fair, and that it’s licensed by a valid regulatory authority,
  • The casino games have been checked by independent testing agencies for their fairness,
  • The casino bonuses are as advertised, and there’s no trickery in the terms and conditions.
We also share our experience with the games and we write about:
  • The thematic presentations of the games, including visuals and sounds,
  • The RTP rate,
  • The full gameplay value.
Lastly, we provide an independent assessment of:
  • The stature of the casino and how it compares to other casinos,
  • Whether there is false advertising anywhere on the casino platform,
  • How good is the gaming library when compared to other casinos’.

What we do

Our platform is for all the casual players that want to learn more about the best online casinos and ways in which they can improve and enhance their experience. It’s important for us to write independent, unbiased casino reviews and for players to read them as there is a lot of misinformation out there, and one can easily wind up in a shady online casino or, at the very least, an unenjoyable casino.

The bonuses can also dramatically enhance the gaming experience, especially for the new players, and this is why you should read our bonus analysis to learn more about the biggest bonuses and how to claim them. The casino games are what’s all about. At CasinoNow, we do our best to describe what some of the most popular casino games offer in terms of visual appeal and gameplay value. And sometimes, you may feel like you’ve been inconvenienced by a casino. In controversial situations, you can always turn to us for advice, as we’ll try and help you with all the answers you need in an unbiased way.

Our People

Over the years, we have created a team of people that are passionate about gambling and sharing their knowledge about it. Some of our members are:

CEO Philip Grunwald

Email: phillipgrunwald@swiss-casino-now.com

Fhillip Grunwald FotoThis is our chief executive officer, our leader, and guru, the guy who inspires us to help the players find the best bang for the buck and have the best possible gaming experience. He was born in Switzerland and it’s his job to ensure that our operation runs smoothly at every turn.

Chief Editor – James Taylor

Email: james_taylor@casino-now-canada.com

James Taylor FotoWhere would we be without our chief editor James Taylor? He’s the motor that helps our platform grow and expand. Born in Montreal, Canada, James was transfixed with the world of gambling ever since he was of legal age. He’s fueled by a burning passion to help people make the best of their online gambling experience.

Editor – Jonathan Burgeois

Email: j_bourgeois@casino-now-canada.com

Jonathan Burgeois FotoThe chief editor also needs a backing hand – and Jonathan Burgeois is always here to help. Born on 19.02.1995, he discovered that he had a talent for writing. This, combined with his interest in online gambling made him the perfect addition to our growing team.

Editor – Julie Johnson

Email: j_johnson@casino-now-canada.com

Julie Johnson FotoJulie Johnson is our second editor, and she’s a vital part of our team. Born on 15.09.1998, Julie has a big passion for online slots and has successfully turned this passion into a fully-fledged career at CasinoNow.

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